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  • Period: to

    Music Video

  • Creative ideas

    Brainstorm ideas for music video in your group. Things like camera shots, locations, performers etc.
  • Reasearch/ case studies

    Gather 3 case studies of existing music videos
  • Treatment

    Write a rough plan of what you intend to do. iIt should be short (roughly one sided) and it should sell your ideas.
  • Focus groups/ pitch

    Do some initial pre-production audience feedback on your idea and treatment.
  • Evaluation of the audience feedback

    Changes you will make. Apply the changes to the treatment and upload new version
  • Practical workshops

  • Booking form

    For A24
  • pre-production and seeking written permission

    Draw a detailed storyboard. Shot-by-shot guide during filming.
  • Pre-production

    Aim to get pre-production done by this date intead of the 21st
  • Shooting the video

    3 weeks to shoot the video and 3 three filming opportunities which include one weekend
  • Editing

    Scheduled editing training with technicians and editing done outside class.
  • Research and planning the CD cover and ad

    Produce mock-ups of ad and cover. Pitch your print ideas and evaluate feedback
  • Research and planning the CD cover and ad

  • Producing CD and ad

    Photography call sheets
  • Producing CD and ad

    using photoshop/ InDesign you will produce the 2 artefacts
  • Post-production focus groups

    Screen your music viedo and show artefacts. Evaluate feedback on blog
  • Ealuation

    Produce individul creative evaluation or produce a Director's Commentary and "extras" DVD as a group
  • Edit the evaluation

    Edit evaluation and upload to blog