Priscilla Timeline

  • Its a Girl

    Its a Girl
    Priscilla A. Ramirez was born to Jose and Teresa Ramirez in Spingfield IL. Who is now the oldest of four.
  • Back to School

    Back to School
    The elective I hope to take is choir. I think this is my best choice because I enjoy to preform and to sing.
  • My Graduation!

    My Graduation!
    Three goals I want to achieve before I graduate are getting to the honor roll, making as many as extra programs, and to have a great time.
  • My DISNEY Goal

    My DISNEY Goal
    Going to disney world or disnay land is something I want to achieve, but not on my own but with family.
  • Beginning of High School

    Beginning of High School
    The High School of my choice will be either Marist or Shepard High School.
  • Activities

    To join as many extra activities as possible such as sport and a at least one to help out my community.
  • Keep Those Grades UP!

    Keep Those Grades UP!
    One of my big goals is to get good grades no matter what grade I am in. One of my goals is to make the honor roll or be in a advance class.
  • My Buddies

    My Buddies
    To have friends in my future high school that I can rely on and to not be afraid to ask for help or for them to ask me.TRUE FRIENDS!
  • Give Back

    Give Back
    I would like to join programs to help out my cummunity and to help people who need asistance in the world to the best of my ability.
  • Make It the Best Year!

    Make It the Best Year!
    Make the best out of my last Year of high school! Do what i can and what i want, dont hold back.
  • My Future Job

    My Future Job
    I will like to attend a college for elemmentary school teaching. The degree I will need to achieve this goal is my bachelor degree but the degree I will like is my master degree. A beginners average salary is $51,380 per year.
  • What Can Hurt My Future

    What Can Hurt My Future
    Two thing that can stand in the way of my future is financial reasons and being afraid to take the first step.
  • Travel

    Traveling is one of my major goals in life. I will like to all 50 states to get to now poeple and there ways of life. I want to know what is going on around the world myself not from the news traveling will help me.
  • The Zip Line Goal!

    The Zip Line Goal!
    One of my goals I want to do is go ride a zip line because i rode a mini one and i will love to ride the Big Kahuna.
  • Smimming with the fish

    Smimming with the fish
    I would like to go scuba diving and swim underwater with all the animals under sea.
  • Graduation of Priscilla Ramirez

    Graduation of Priscilla Ramirez
    People I hope will be a my graduation day are my family and close friends. Feelings I would have are proud, joyful, and the feeling that I acomplished all I wanted.
  • One of My Own

    One of My Own
    i hope to have at least onre kids of my own. i don't care if its a boy or girl.
  • Death:(

    I hope to died in a late age so i can live my life in the world to the best of my ability.