Prenatal Development and Birth

  • Prenatal Development and birth

    The day I was born.
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    The First Two Years: Biosocial Development

  • Biosocial Development--The first two years

    My mother says that I was a good sleeping baby. I slept for the majority of the day. I was progressing normally with my senses and motor skils. I started walking at 9 months of age. By then I was into everything. My mom made sure that I was up to date with my immunizations and doctor visits. I was a breast feed baby at first but because my mother was so young when she had me, my grandparents took me in. My grandmother feed me regular food chopped up in a blender.
  • Cognitive Deveolopment---The first two years

    I was a very busy baby. I was always into something. I was always on the go. I went thorugh all the 6 stages of sensorimotor intelligence just fine. I was indeed a little scientist. I was always experimenting with something. I wa a master at deferred imitation. I memicked everything and everybody. My mom says that I did alot of babbling and I learned to repeat everything that I heard. I had a whole vocabulary very quickly.
  • Psychosocial Development---The first two years

    I was a happy baby. I never had separation anxiety from my mother. As long as you was feeding me and playing with me, I was happy. I was aware of my self awareness. I loved to constantly look at my self in the mirror. I had a attachment to everyone in my family. Because I was raised by my grandparents, everyone in the family came over to there house. I was not attached just to one caregiver. I never experienced being in a day care because someone was always at home at my grand parents house.
  • Biosocial Development---Play Years

    By now I am a active toddler. Because I am still at my grandparents place, I eat very good. I had no nutritional deficiencies. I had alot of artistic expression. I was expressing myself all on the walls. I never experienced any child maltreatment.
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    The Play Years

  • Birth of my sister Krystal

    This day is the day that my youngest sister Krystal was born. She was my best friend growing up. We was two peas in a pod.
  • Cognitive Development---Play Years

    By living with my grandparents, I developed alot of social learning. I experienced alot of apprentice in thinking as well as a lot of guided participation. I was always trying to help someone out. I developed private speech at this age. I never spoke out loud but I had a lot of me to me conversations. I had a very rapid vocabulary. I started headstart at hartford chruch.
  • Psychosocial Development---Play Years

    I had alot of self esteem at this point. I very confident and independent. I had good prosocial behavior. I always wanted to be helpful and kind to everyone. I had a authoritatian parenting. My discipline and punishment was either spankings or standing in the corner with face facing the walls.
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    The School Years

  • Biosocial Development--School Years

    During this time, I experienced middle childhood. It was a healthy time for me. I was an average size. I was not overweight. That was due to me always being outside and running and playing. I was playing alot of neighborhood games as well of alot of exercise in school. I did not have alot of illiness. I was average on apitude and IQ testing. I did not have any learning disabilities.
  • Cognitive Development--School Years

    I had an very long memory. I never forgot anything. I used metacognition alot. I had a descent curriculum in school. I learned the phonics approach to reading. From there I used the whole language speech. I enjoyed math more than any other subject.
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  • Psychosocial Development---School Years

    I used alot of culture of children with my sister. I taught her all of my games and ways.I developed the 3 levels and 6 stages of moral reasoning. I had alot of social acceptance. I had lots of friends and peers. I was introduced to social cognition and effortful control. I was never bullied nor did I bully anyone. I had a very solid family structure. I was in a blended family. We had a middle class family.I had a strong social support and religious faith.
  • Biosocial Development-Adolescence

    Puberty started for me. This is the age that I came on my first menstrual period. I remember getting ready to go to church and I was in the bathroom. I looked down and saw blood. I wasnt surprised. I remember the birds and the bees talk that me and my mother had. She made me take a shower and lay in bed for the rest of the evening. I had early maturing. I was the first to get breast and my hips were expanding.
  • Cognitive Development-Adolescence

    This is the year that I turned 15 and it was all about me. I was turning into a woman. I was working out to lose weight. I was experimenting with makeup and clothes. I was going through adolescent egocentrism. I also went through having and imaginary audience. I thought that I was the center of attention. I paid more attention to how I looked and always wondered what people perceived of me. I am in high school and I am taking honors classes. Grades were good.
  • Psychosocial Development-Adolescence

    I have now acheived identity achievement. I had established my own identity. I was at the state of moratorium as far as religion. I was given a choice to stay as a Jehovahs Witness or not. I postponed that decision.I had a strong sexual orientation. My boyfriend was 25 years of age. I had a good vocational identity. I was working at Arthur Anderson CPA. in there binding department. I was no longer living in my parents home. But we were still close. I was never in a clique but had many friends.
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    Emerging Adulthood

  • Graduation from High School

    Definitely a major milestone in my life. I grauduated from Detroit Northern Senior High School.
  • Biosocial Development-Emerging Adulthood

    This is the time that I am working part time at Perfumia and also attending classes at Wayne State University. I was still into my appearance but it wasnt to the extreme. I was in a relationship with my boyfriend and was going through alot of emotional stress. I was still working out and eating well. I was not taking any risks. Between work and school, there was no time for anything else.
  • Cognitive Development-Emerging Adulthood

    This is the year that I turned 21. I am having fun but I was using alot of dialectical thoughts. There was always pros and cons to me making decisions. My moral reasoning was changing and so was my thoughts on religion. I was taking on more bills and responsibilities, so I postponed school a little. Insteasd of taking a full load, I was taking a class or two. I gave up on religion all together.
  • Brought my first car

    This was a happy time for me. I felt like I was accomplishing something. I made my first major purchase. I brought myself a 2000 Jeep Cherokee.
  • First day at Art Van furniture

    I was happy this day. It was my first real job. I was going to be a fulltime sales associate.
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  • Psychosocial Development-Emerging Adulthood

    This is the year that I turned 25. I experienced the intimacy vs isolation. I thought that all I wanted to do was be alone and just work. But that was very short lived. I discovered sharing my life with someone was much better. I had a alot of male friends and very few female friends. I was cohabitatiing and just like the text said....we didnt last. I never had any emotional disorders. I was pretty normal. My family was a very important part of my life. And still is.
  • Jakyla Nalee Chambers Birth

    This is another major milestone in my life. My very first niece is born. She is the light of my life. I love her with all of my soul. She has even given me the name of Tee Tee.
  • Biosocial Development-Adulthood

    This is the year that I turned 30 and everything is hitting me like a ton of bricks. My body is not responding like it use to. I am starting to get gray hair strains. So I color my hair more often. I am going though alot of senescence. My brain is not working as quickly as it use too. I am over alot of stress. I am noticing that I might have a problem with infertilty but not going to worry about it until I get marrried. Because of my now lack of exercise, I am considered obese.
  • Cognitive Development-Adulthood

    I am finding that I am getting smarter and dumber as I get older. I agree with the statement that people improve in most mental abilities during adulthood. I have more of crystaillized intelligence as a result of education and experience. I have alot of pratical intelligence. My expert performance is automatic.
  • Psychosocial Development-Adulthood

    By now I would be turning 40. This is a major turning point in my life. I should be done with school. I doubt if I would be going through a midlife crisis. I would have become an expert on the Big five. I should have a well rounded social convoy. My family bond should be at the strongest that it has ever been. I should be married and caring for my mother and father and hopefully my grandparents.
  • Biosocial-Late Adulthood

    By now, I am 70 years of age. I am aging with grace. I have a couple of wrinkles but my health seems to be in a descent state. I am exercising regualrly. I move slower than in my younger days. I no longer drive. I have to depend on my children as wells as my nieces and newphrews. I refuse to let my hair change grey, so I dye it a dark color so that I appear younger. I wear glasses now because my vision is not the best. My body has been through alot of wear and tear. I take it easy in life.
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    Late Adulthood

  • Cognitive Development-Late Adulthood

    My memory is slowing down a little. I can remember some things and other things slip my memory. I am trying to stay healthy and alert. I do not have dementia. I have not had any strokes or heart attacks. I look back over my life and I have developed alot of wisdom. I try to volunteer when I can, so that I can pass my wisdom on to the next generation.
  • Psychosocial Development-Late Adulthood

    I have alot of friends in my same age catergory. I am active still with my relatives, friends and community groups. Retirement has been rewarding and disappointing. I have worked for so many years and even though I keep busy, I miss working 5 days a week. Me and my husband Moe both retired together. We grew closer and stronger as a married couple. I am more active in church. I am now a widow. My Moe passes several years ago. I have a good relationship with my children and grandchildren.
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  • My Death

    This morning I died. I had a good life. I was blessed that I was able to share my life with my family and friends. I am greatful that I lived to see 100 years of age. I was able to spend my last christmas on this earth with the people that I loved dearly. I passed in my sleep. I died peaceful. My soul went to heaven as my body went to dust. I accepted death as a part of life. I told my family to be happy that I was going to see the Lord. I am happy the way that my life turned out.