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  • Birth

    At 10:09 pm, I was born.
  • Learned To Talk

  • Learned to walk

    Learned to walk
  • Got My First Dog

    Got My First Dog
    Turned out I looooooooved animals. Nacho is my best friend and we really grew up together.
  • My Little Brother Was Born

    My Little Brother Was Born
    My little brother Connor was born.
  • Brother Got Diagnosed With Autism

    Brother Got Diagnosed With Autism
    We went to Kamloops for 5 weeks to get help and it was a very tough time.
  • Started Learning French

    I realized this spurred my interest in travel and other cultures.
  • Got My First Camera

    Getting my first camera inspired me to take part in arts and phtography.
  • Started at CAA

    Started at CAA
    I went to CAA for 1 year, grade 8, I met a lot of my good friends there.
  • Started at WLSS

    Started at WLSS
    I decided to come to WLSS after going to CAA for a year, its a much better fit.