Places I Have Lived

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  • San Diego, CA

    San Diego, CA
    I was born in San Diego, CA. In my opinion, San Diego is the place to visit if you ever wanted to vacation in California. Los Angeles and San Francisco are probably the rivaling cities......but San Diego is the best one, believe me.
  • Travis Air Force Base, CA

    Travis Air Force Base, CA
    My dad was in the Air Force so we had to move to Travis. All of the places that I moved to was due to military orders. This was just the beginning.
  • Escondido, CA

    Escondido, CA
    When my parents got divorced, my mom and I moved in with my grandparents. We stayed with my grandparents until my mom remarried.
  • Oceanside, CA

    Oceanside, CA
    Once my mom remarried, we moved out of my grandparents' house. Since my stepdad was a Marine, we moved onto the military base. From then onwards, the moves were because of the military orders my stepdad was given.
  • Monterey, CA

    Monterey, CA
    My stepdad had to go to the Naval Postgraduate School so we moved to Monterey. Monterey is number 2 when it comes to the best places to visit in California. The largest attraction here are the Monterey Bay Aquarium and Pebble Beach. This is where my first sister was born.
  • Annapolis, MD

    Annapolis, MD
    My stepdad went to teach at the Naval Academy. We lived literally right across the street from the Academy just next to the Naval Academy Bridge. Annapolis was my first taste of what the east coast was like. This is also where my second sister was born.
  • Jacksonville, NC

    Jacksonville, NC
    My stepdad was stationed at Camp Lejeune. Probably the most barren place that I have lived. If you wanted to go anywhere, you had to drive about an hour in every direction to get there. Not the most exciting place to have to live.
  • Stafford, VA

    Stafford, VA
    My stepdad was stationed at Quantico so we lived in the Stafford area. This is where I graduated from North Stafford High School in 2015.
  • Oceanside, CA

    Oceanside, CA
    We moved back to California and my stepdad was stationed back at Camp Pendleton. I went to two years of community college at Palomar College in San Marcos.
  • Stafford, VA

    Stafford, VA
    We moved back to Stafford because my stepdad was then working at the Pentagon. This is when I transferred to George Mason University and have been attending ever since.
  • Woodbridge, VA

    Woodbridge, VA
    This is when my mom and stepdad divorced so that's when I decided to move out of the house to live on my own. I currently live in Woodbridge/Dale City with my roommate, someone that I have known since living in Annapolis.
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    West Coast

    The first "phase" of me living on the west coast
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    East Coast

    The first "phase" of me living on the east coast.
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    West Coast 2

    The second "phase" of me living on the west coast.
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    East Coast 2

    The second "phase" of me living on the east coast.