picture imperfect

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    picture imperfect

  • first novel

    I read my first novel in grade 3. It was about some talking animals going on an adventure or something, I think it was about 250 pages long
  • first honour roll

    In the fourth grade I got my first honour roll. I remember that i had 94.5% which was .5% away from distinction and I was happy but also disappointed
  • Got my learners lisence

    I got my learners lisence 2 months after my birthday... after failing the test 5 times.
  • became a vegetarian

    The day after thanksgiving 2012 i offically became a vegetarian. except fish, i love fish.
  • got my first job

    I start my first job this summer picking weeds for $14 an hour.
  • the bad picture is taken.

    On my 18th birth day i got drunk and ran around in a church while naked and a video was taken was taken of the whole ordeal, it was durning the sunday service.
  • some family and friends distance themselves from me

    distant relatives and friends who arn't very close seperate themselves from me because they don't want to be assosiated with people who do reckless and occasonally stupid, but my true friends and close family stuck with me.
  • I get denied from university because of the picture

    because of the picture my dream university and my back up university deny my application so i go to college for a bachelors instead of a doctrate.
  • I become engineer instead of an astrophysicist

    I get a job as an engineer because I could only get a bachelor's, and i couldn't become and astrophysicist which is my dream job.
  • I raise a family

    The picture has lost most of relevence and I am able to get married and raise a family despite my rocky past.
  • I go back to university for a doctrate

    About 20 years after i had to give up on my dream of being an astrophysicist I went back to university so i could achive my dream. It's never to late
  • I die

    On my 80th birthday after having a rough but fulfilling life. All in all i would have done some things differently but it turned out alright.