Phuong's Family Timeline

  • My Father was born in

    My Father was born in
    He was born in Quang Ninh, he was the yongest borther in family..
  • First birthday of my father

    First birthday of my father
    My father had first birthday on this day. The party didn't big but my grandmother tell me was very happy
  • My Mother

    My mother was born in a litter house in Viet Nam.
  • First birthday of my mother

    First birthday of my mother
    my mother had first birthday. The party like father didn't big but very happy
  • primary of father

    when he 6 year old, he came to primary school, He said he so scare because he don't know anythings..TT_TT
  • primary of my mother

    First day my mother went to school. She had many friends, she said she very happy ^O^
  • My father's secondary school

    when my father went to secondary school, he learn very good
  • High School of my father

    when my father was 16 year old, he went to High School. In high school he so handsome and every girl very like him :))
  • My Father and My Mother

    my father met my mother in a restaurant, when he had lunch, only him. My mother came to restaurant and she met him, my mother like my father
  • My father and my Mother got married

    My father and my Mother got married
    My father and my mother got married. He and she had married in a big restaurant. I think is so very fun :<

    This day, my family have a first baby, is the girl and her name
  • second baby

    in this day, a handsome boy of my family was saw the brother...he so cute
  • my thir brother

    I have one brother.....he so CUTE...Cute..Cute.....
  • 4 brother

    I can belive..i have 3 brother OMG!!!!!!.......I'm so so so......HAPPY :X
  • My Mother's Seondary School

    she is a beautiful girl
  • Miss Huong and Mr.Sam

    miss huong and mr.Sam visit my house, i'm very happy ^^