phung's family

  • mom's birthday

    18.11.1964. My grandmother and grandfather is very happy because lay out my mother., Family is happy
  • my mother

    She is wife of myfather and mother of me. 18/11/1964, she was born in Ninh Binh city. She had 2 brother and 3 sister. Although she is 48 years old but See her, she is very so young. My mother loves family very much. Sh is a cooker
  • My father became soldier in the war

    in 1968. Country call every body 18 years old. They went to the war and fight. And my father must went to in war. and 1975, my father came back home. and family missed him very much
  • my order brother

    my order brother
    his name is Hung. 31/10/1988 he was born in Ninh Binh with me. he was very fat. And now he weght 100kg. He is the police man very good
  • mybrother's birth day

    mybrother's birth day
    Mybrother was born 31/10/1988. He is first son. When lay out him. my parents were very happy because had a boy son
  • my father married my mother

    24/12/1988. This is memory day marry of my parents, it made very solemn, And now. my parents were old,they give gifts to each other on that day to celebrate the wedding.
  • i was born

    21/10/1996. t was born in Ninh Binh city. i was very small. and weight 3kg. and myfather caled me is Phung.
  • my young sister

    her name is Lan. She is 11 years old. She is student in Olimpia. She is lovely, friendly. She weght 30kg and high 1m30. i like her so much
  • My sister's birthday

    27.2.1999. My parents lay out my sister. My sister is third son. My family had a people in family
  • When i train to ride bicycle.

    When i was 5 years old. My father tought me ride a bicycle. i train very hard.haha. Finally, i won. i ride bicycle very good and now i knew to ride motobike.
  • the first mybirthday

    12/10/2000. That day is my birthday first. i was very fun and happy. Had a lot of every things,, : cakes, candy, bimbim, potato...etc...
  • my first day in primary school

    when i was 6 years old, i went to in Trung Vuong primary school. i didn't feel every thing because i was real kid. After that, t knew friends in this class.
  • myfather's birthday

    10/12/2005. Myfather made birthday first. He invited many people. He made in Sheraton Hotel. Very elegant and modern. He felt very happy
  • my first secondary school

    When i was 11 years old. i strared newacademic years. i went to 6C group. The first day, i knew somebody because they studied in primary school together.
  • i go to HO Chi Minh by plane first

    28/2/2009. the first, i go to Ho Chi Minh city with my parents by plane. Feeling on the plane was very relax, good, modern...i was very happy
  • Times in Da Nag with my order brother

    21/5/2010. i traveled Da Nang with my order brother. Da Nang is very beautiful, air is very pure. i travel in booat with him and take a many pictures. We were very fun, happy
  • the first, i went on the bus

    . i went to the cinemax with my friends by bus. When i go down, i recognize that: t lost 200$. And after that, i never go on bus.
  • the first day in high school.

    15/8/2011. t went to new high school Ha Noi Academy.When i go to the class. i felt very boring because i didn't know every body. But i was fun, because i studied in enviroment, education, good..... i will try studing very well
  • my sweet day

    To day i'm happy. My father gave me many money. I got 10 point math. I go to picnic with friend very fun