Phillips Eric Timeline

  • birth

    In my life i was allways a happy pearson and i allways luagh to a good jke my cousins told me.
  • Period: to

    Eric's life

    I was born 2 days after holloween.
  • my first words

    when the day after the day i whent home i said my first words mommy, daddy.
  • my first pet

    when i came home fom the hospitle i saw a cute and cuddle animal i didnt know what it was , but when i got older i finilly new what it was a cat and his name was norten.
  • first day of school

    On my first day at preschool i whent to covenent and met my friend corley and we were the best friends.
  • Goooooaaaalll

    When i was a little kid i love soccer and i was pretty good with it too and when we wereaganst another team in the last minute we scored a goal and guess who it wss MMEEE.
  • cub scouts

    cub scouts
    When i was 5 my mom showed my cub scout and my dad didnt think it was a great idea to do so when i got there it was fun.
  • swimming

    When i was young i was on the swimming team , and i really liked it i could do all of the swimming techneckes but the arms for th butter fly were pretty hard,..
  • fist x box

    when chritmas came i ushed down stairs i found my x-box and played it all day.
  • soccer team

    when i joined the soccer team i was so releved that finily there was a sport that i could sho off my sills to every on
  • Minecraft

    I want to bring home the game minecraft so i can kenect to my friends and play all day long.