Personality Timeline

Timeline created by Faisalkhalidmohammed
  • Day of my birth

    Day of my birth
    Born on June 25, 2001 at Manama, Bahrain. I got my family’s attention for being the cutest baby born at that time
  • My grandfather’s death

    My grandfather’s death
    Someday on November, 2004. My grandfather died which made my whole family from my father’s side cry all day because we were a big and loving family, but I was too young and I can’t remember seeing.
  • Baby muhanad was born

    On November 24, 2004. My young brother was born which he grabbed most of my family’s attention leaving me with just few
  • My first day in kindergarten

    On September 8, 2005. I started kindergarten at a school called Al Noor International School, and that’s when things got really serious in my life because how strict the school was and how hard the subjects were
  • My first time watching a movie

    My first time watching a movie was on 2008, and it was titanic. As I was watching the movie there were a lot of sad parts in the movie and still remember the scene when my mom cried after watching jack die.
  • Grade 5

    The best school year in my entire life was in grade 5, that’s when I used to make my friends laugh everyday, hanging out with other students, my teacher got awarded “the best teacher of the month” because of me, and made a friendship with my best friend named Rashid
  • My food addiction

    Someday on February, 2012. I started to eat a lot of food which caused me to be obese till now, I even had random thoughts of how I’m gonna die. Plus a lot of students were making fun of me which makes me think that I will never go back skinny and making friends
  • Another cute baby born

    Another cute baby born
    My aunt gave birth to a new child named Juan, she was the cutest baby girl I have ever seen in my life, and till now she is very lovable
  • My first ever crush

    My first ever crush
    On 2013, I meet my crush in a game called roblox, we were playing in a role play server, we had some nice chats, blah blah blah, then she decided to talk to me on an app called Kim, that’s when I started talking to her a lot
  • My worst year ever

    2015 was my worst school year ever. My subjects were getting harder, I had a lot of mixed feelings like depression, overweight, tired, etc. Once I had to do my midterm exam, I tried studying hard, sometimes it’s easy sometimes it’s not easy to learn or revise, and so I failed failed in all subjects and my mother was crying at that time
  • Moved to a new school

    Moved to a new school
    On September 7, 2016. I joined Moderm knowledge school, and from that day I was back again happy doing better progress and making new friends