Personal Timeline

Timeline created by Halle.jones
  • Grandparents on my moms side

    When I was 12 I found out my grandpa had lung cancer, shortly after that she passed away. A few months later we found out my grandmother also had cancer, and they both passed away in the same year only a few months apart. It affected me because they played a big role in my life because my other grandpa had already passed away when I was a baby and my other grandma wasn't in my life very much.
  • My Father

    When I was 13 my dad left me, my siblings and my mom, I have 3 other siblings my mom being a single parent with 4 kids I had to do things that a normal 13 year old kid wouldn't usually do. It was hard and still is especially knowing the reason was because of drugs. But I have learned that life is not easy, but I will do better and go farther than both of my parents.
  • Moving houses

    I honestly feel like moving houses has a lot to do with who I am today because I had lived in the same house my whole life and I'm not good with change at all. I lived in a 2 story house and moved into a trailer with nothing. But it's another thing that shows me life has obstacles, I know I'm young and you would think I don't understand a lot of things, but I really have learned a lot growing up how I did.
  • Getting sent off

    I had made some wrong decisions and got put on probation, and after that I still was not making the best decisions. My probation officer came to my house and picked me up and sent me to a juvenile detention center for a week and after I discharged from there they sent me to a behavioral center for 1 and a half months. While I was gone I realized a lot and I seen how the other people are that get sent there. I didn't and don't want to be like them so I started making better choices.
  • My nephew

    A few weeks ago my sister had her baby and now I'm an Aunt. I love him so much. I'm going to be a good aunt and take care of him because his mom isn't always around. I will teach him to be the best he can be and I will be a good role model for him.