personal timeline

  • date of birth

    date of birth
    the day i was born
  • 1st time drowning

    i drowned at the beach. i went way to far out with my sister. this first time taught me not to go out to far especially when the waves are big
  • 2nd time

    i drowned years later in a pool after still not learning how to swim. the 2nd time taught me that if I cant swim I dnt need to get in the water
  • i met my best friend

    i met one of the closest people to me. when i met her i was in the 6th grade. over the years we grew together
  • graduation

    i graduated the 8th grade from wilder and was ready for new beginnings
  • covid

    covid started and we reputedly left school and went virtual. this taught me that i rather be at home than in school
  • i found out someone was sick

    i was the last to find out that my grandpa had been sick for years and i was the last to find out. this taught me that if you don't go around people or the family you wont learn the family gossip
  • my first job

    i got my very first job at noodles and company. the job had a lot of responsibilities. this taught me that I didn't like cooking
  • another job

    i got my second job weeks after quitting the one i had before. this time i got a different position instead of cooking. now i work at the window in stead of cooking
  • 1666

    i turned 16. for my 16th i went out to eat and took pictures. this birthday taught me if you don't do something yourself it wont get done the right way