Personal timeline

Timeline created by andrewheppner
  • The beginning

    The beginning
    I was 4 years old when I started wrestling. I wouldn't consider it wrestling, it was more like dodgeball and other games for the majority of the time. ( i know the picture says 2007, that's just the earliest they started taking team photos)
  • My first match

    Frontier and hamburg are so close to each other that all the wrestlers in the area go to the same club growing up. So whats so unique is that the two varsity teams are very close. So during the one home match against each other, the little kids club had a couple exhibition matches with the kids who had brothers on the teams
  • First loss

    My first loss was on the same day as my first match, actually. Unfortunately I didn't come out on top but I also was wrestling someone heavier and older. So I put it in here because it was a learning experience.
  • First win

    My first win came two years after my first match when I was on varsity as a 7th grader. I was a little 98 pounder and more excited than ever because it was our first home match of the season.
  • My first trophy

    My first trophy
    My first tournament was a JV tournament a couple of weeks after my first match. I ended up placing 1st at that tournament in my weight class
  • Breaking reccords

    Breaking reccords
    My sophmore year, also my last year with Coach Russo, we broke the schools record for most wins in a single season as a team. The previous record was 10 wins. We beat it with 23 wins.
  • Favorite memory

    Favorite memory
    My favorite memory surrounding the sport i would have to say was the night we broke the schools team winning record. Once the match was over, he told us all to tell our parents we needed 20 minutes in the lockerroom before we left. When we all walked into the locker room, my coach pushed us all in the back gym (where the parents weren't) and broke us out in a huge game of dodgeball
  • New staff

    In my junior year, Coach Russo has stepped down and we had gotten a new coach. My new varsity coach was Coach Chowske, ane the assistant i was fortunate to have my brother.
  • The end

    The end
    This was my final wrestling match at the sectional final.
  • First team

    First team
    This was the year my varsity coach asked me to come back and be the assistant because my brother moved down to modified. I got to see the sport from a whole new perspecive.