Personal Timeline

  • Elijah Ross was born

    when I was 9oz
  • I lost my first tooth!

    Lossing my first tooth was painful, because I did it myself.
  • School!

    I started school when i was 5
  • Taekwondo

    I joined a Marshal-Arts
  • My first award

    I won a silver medal in a taekwondo competition.
  • First time out of state.

    The first other state i have ever been to was Oregon.
  • First joined sport.

    Football was my first sport i joined.
  • My first girlfriend!

    It was in Oregon and we just had so much in common, we started getting close.
  • My phone was stolen!

    I left my locker open and somebody stole all of my stuff. (including my phone)
  • Made Thanksgiving dinner!!

    The whole day i was in the kitche cooking, my parents when to check on me every once in a while.
  • Home alone!

    My parents went to Georgia while I was home for the whole week.
  • First Airplane

    My first airplane ride was to California.
  • Broke a bone

    The first bone I have ever broken was my toem, from football.