Personal Timeline

Timeline created by Aliyah Ware
  • Birth

    I was born June 4th, 2005. I was born in Hot springs. I was 21 inches and I don't know how many pounds.
  • Best friend moved

    My befriends name was Jaiden Lea. She moved when I was in 3rd grade. It changed how I acted because I had to talk to more people so I could make more friends, because she was my only friend at the time.
  • Little sister born

    When I was in 3rd grade my little sister was born. Her name is Alyse. When she was born I cut the umbilical cord. It matured me, because I saw how a baby was born.
  • First day of middle school

    My first day of middle school I was so nervous. Going to middle school and having different people in almost all of my classes made me have to speak up and actually talk to more people.
  • my brothers birth

    I was at my brothers birth. His name is Drake and he is the cutest baby ever. He is 6 months right now, and really think he brung my family together.
  • First day of high school

    My first day of high school I was excited and a little bit nervous. I think it matured me, because I have a lot more responsibilities now. I also now have to be able to manage all of the extra curricular activities I have, while also doing school