Personal Timeline

Timeline created by vnlazodelavega1
  • Day I was born

  • Open heart surgery

    I was born with a small hole in my heart. I had my open heart surgery at University of Virginia.
  • Made my first best friend

    Made my first best friend
    Became best friends with my next door neighbor Natalie. We are still very close to this day.
  • Went to my first day of school

    Started my first day of school at Rural Point elementary school. I was very excited to start school.
  • Started summer swim team

    The beginning of an era for me. When I met a ton of friends, became part of a family that I wasn't born into, and found the sport I would do.
  • Got a puppy

    Got a puppy
    Got my first puppy, that would become my best friend
  • Moved to Kansas

    My dad got a new job and we had to move from Richmond, Virginia where i was born and raised
  • Started my first day at Blue Valley Southwest

    One of the scariest things ever, but where I met all my new friends.
  • Graduated high school

  • Went to college

    My first day at the University of Virginia
  • Graduated college

    Graduated in 4 year from UVA
  • Got married

  • Had first kid

  • Period: to