Personal Lifetime

  • My Date of Birth

    The day I was born!
  • Period: to

    Lifetime and Still Going

  • My First Day of School

  • Mom goes to hospital from collapsing tree.

  • Got my First Computer!

  • Family moves to Mesa, leaving me and my sister back in Cali with Grandparents.

  • I finally move to Mesa.

  • House is haunted, unlucky feeling. Parents decide to move to Maricopa.

  • First Day of School in Maricopa!

  • Huge Memorial for Sept 11. Crazy group at Acacia Crossing.

  • Got ISS for smashing kids face into food.

  • Snowed in Maricopa, turned to water as it hit the ground; :/

  • First Day in Highschool! Freshmen year!

  • Had a party for my Birthday in California. Went to Disneyland.

  • Got my PS3 for my late birthday present! Best day ever!

  • Went on my first rollercoaster. Best feeling yet!

  • Attended a zombie outbreak simulation,

    Had alot of scary moments.
  • Doomsday? Not really. Overhyped much for death?

    Panic an alot of chat about "2012"