Personal Life - Psych229 Section 112940

By kstopz
  • Day of Birth

  • The Day I Was Born!

  • My First Steps

  • First Vacation and First Plane Ride

  • 1st Day of Preschool

  • 1st Day of Kindergarden

  • Elementary School at St. Michael's

  • My First Dog, Crash the Yellow Lab

  • First Broken Bone

    Broke my ankle at school tripping over a curb on the play ground.
  • In Ground Pool was installed in my backyard

  • The Day I Recieved Bella!

    My Golden Retriever
  • My First School Dance

  • Last Day of Middle School

  • Enrolled at Churchill High School

  • My First Car - Ford Taurus

  • Graduated High School!

  • Enrolled Into Schoolcraft College

  • Recieved the News That Dad Had Pancreatic Cancer

  • Dad Passed Away

  • Started Dating My Girlfriend Meghan

  • The Day I Lost Bella

    She had to be put down due to brain tumors and gran mal seizures, there was nothing we could do due to how bad the condition was.
  • Turned 21! First Trip to Vegas!

  • Bought a 1968 Pontiac Tempest

  • The Day of My Marriage?

  • Will Own My First Home?

  • My First Child?

  • Hopefully Became a Surgeon

  • Period: to

    Work and Sleep and Live

  • Possibly Open My Own Practice in Surgery

  • Halfway Through My Life!!!! 50th Birthday!

  • The Day I Die of Unsure