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Personal Identity Timeline

By jmryan2
  • Birth

    I was born at 2:45 am in skokie
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    Personal Identity Timeline

  • Start of preschool

    Start of preschool
    This was the beginning of my education. I really like preschool because I made many friends, some that i have today
  • First vacation in Florida

    First vacation in Florida
    This was the first time my family took me to Florida that I remember. We have gone to Florida every single year sense then.
  • Humorous

    I've always enjoyed making people laugh from a very young age. Once on my moms birthday, I made a bunch of "You're so old..." jokes that enlightened my whole family
  • Snow storm

    Snow storm
    After a huge snow storm hit Chicago, the next day i played in the snow and it was the most fun I had ever had. It made me appreciate and love the snow and weather
  • Grateful

    When I was a kid, my grandpa was diagnosed with cancer. Thankfully, he has fully recovered and is better than ever. I was so grateful that he was able to beat it and supported him the whole way through
  • Knowledgeable

    In third grade, there was a competition for who can name the most state capitals in the class. After studying all week long, I was able to come in 1st place. This demonstrates my knowledge.
  • Adventurous

    in 5th grade, I took a trip to Starved Rock. While my family interned to just walk to trail, but I was too busy climbing the rocks and trees! I just wanted to explore everything there was to see and go on an adventure.
  • Helpful

    Helping others has always made me feel good. One time in 2016, a lady was stuck in the street with her broken down car. My dad and I went to go help her push it and get her car safely across the road.
  • Motivated

    In 2017, I was a bit overweight and not happy with the way I looked. Being a motivated person, I worked out and ate healthy and ended up losing the weight. This goes to show that being motivated can lead to great things
  • Seeing my favorite movie for the first time

    Seeing my favorite movie for the first time
    My favorite movie, Avengers Infinity war, I saw opening day and was overjoyed to get to see it. It is by far my all time favorite movie. I've watched it 100's of times
  • First football team

    First football team
    In 8th grade I joined my first football team with the Wildwood Seminoles. This started my love for the game and I had lots of fun playing.
  • Thoughtful

    Every year around Christmas time, my favorite thing to do is give out thoughtful presents to my family members. It always brings me such joy when I see the look on their faces when they open the gifts
  • Best concert I went to

    Best concert I went to
    The best concert I went to was Travis Scott's concert "Astroworld". I was such a surreal moment for me to see him in person. I would love to relive that moment again if I could
  • Graduating Elementary school

    Graduating Elementary school
    In 2019 I graduated Farnsworth Elementary school, winning the citizenship award. My experience at Farnsworth was pretty rocky, but my last year was the best year I had, I had many friends and good teachers.
  • Courageous

    My first year at Taft, I was nervous to get started in a new environment and I did not want to show up the first day, but I did. Taking that risk was one of the best decisions i have ever made, I am happy with the school I choose
  • Hard-working

    When joining the football team at Taft, I knew I was going to have to work hard. Showing out and working hard at practice everyday payed off as I was moved up to the varsity team as a freshman!
  • Adaptable

    When COVID-19 started, it ruined everyone's year, so many things were canceled and closed and it was just a mess. I was able to adapt to the new life and picked up many new hobbies like learning how to play guitar to keep myself happy
  • Getting vaccinated for COVID

    Getting vaccinated for COVID
    After a long hard year of worrying about COVID-19, I was finally eligible to get vaccinated. I was so excited for the opportunity to protect myself and hopefully get back to normal life. This is a story I will tell my grandchildren.
  • Heart Contusion

    Heart Contusion
    After a hard loss playing in a football game, I suffered a heart contusion and needed to be hospitalized. This was one of the first times I have been taken to the hospital and I was a bit scared. Thankfully I am recovering the best I can