Personal Identity

Timeline created by lchenich
  • My Birth

    My Birth
    I was born March 27, 2003. I feel like this event was impactful because without it I wouldn't be here.
  • Achiever

    I've never been satisfied in anything I do. I always want to do more and when I want something I work hard to get it.
  • Soccer

    Playing soccer in middle school made me realize I liked playing sports. Even though I didn't enjoy soccer, it showed me I preferred contact sports.
  • Ambitious

    From a young age I've had big dreams. My dream now is to become a surgeon and a professional rugby player.
  • Getting Snapchat

    Getting Snapchat
    Getting snapchat was important because it allowed me to talk to my friends before I had a phone number. Without it, I probably would've been bored all the time.
  • Meeting My Best Friend

    Meeting My Best Friend
    I met my best friend, Kaila, when we both started training at an MMA gym. She pushes me to do my absolute best and I feel I can truly be myself with her.
  • Focused

    When I truly enjoy doing something I focus all my attention into it. For example, I want to become a surgeon so I volunteer at a hospital.
  • Eating My First Big Mac

    Eating My First Big Mac
    This led to me eating a lot of fast food. My dad bought me it for me and it was one of the few times we've bonded.
  • High School

    High School
    High school has molded me as a person. I've made life long friends and found what truly interests me.
  • Outgoing

    I like talking to people and having fun! I enjoy going out with my friends and meeting new people.
  • Rugby

    I decided to try out playing rugby. This was one of the best decisions I've ever made. It made me more dedicated to my education and opened up many opportunities like scholarships.
  • Outspoken

    When I have an opinion I say it. For example, I was in a medical program that was boring, so I told them their curriculum wasn't stimulating.
  • My First Time Driving

    My First Time Driving
    Driving made me realize I'm growing up and independent soon. I almost crashed.
  • Collaborative

    I enjoy working in groups and hearing everyone's ideas and opinions. However, sometimes I work more effectively alone.
  • Getting a Puppy

    Getting a Puppy
    My parent's finally adopted a dog after years of begging. Her name is Felicity and she's a handful but I love her with all my heart.
  • Motivated

    When I want something I do everything I can to get it. This includes good grades and furthering myself in rugby.
  • First Party

    First Party
    My parent's finally let me go a little and allowed me to go to a party. It was fun being with my friends and dancing.
  • Sporty

    I've always been athletic. I ran track, played soccer, basketball, and now I play rugby.
  • Adaptable

    I can easily adapt to new situations and environments. For example, I stayed at Johns Hopkins for 10 days over the summer by myself and I easily developed a schedule.
  • Risk-Taker

    I do things out of my comfort zone. I think things through before I do them, but do them anyways.