Personal History Timeline Project

By Ada123
  • Titanic

    Everybody knows the story of the sinking boat Titanic. It influenced the whole world. First of all the boats nowadays are different and rarely sink. Some people are now scared of boats and are more carefully with boats. Lots of people died on that boat. A movie was made about the titanic, many people saw it and were amazed by it. There are many stories about the titanic but it made history.
  • Moving to America (parents)

    My dad moved to America way before my mom. He moved and got a job and started working. His whole life changed when he met my mom. She lived in Russia. When he proposed to her he wanted her to go to America with and she of course said yes. This changed their life. As soon as they moved together a baby was born. Her name was Ada. They moved to a state called Connecticut where it was calm and nice. Ada had a great childhood. In a couple of years Danny was born.
  • My Birth

  • Danny's Birth

    Danny was born on July 2, 2000. He was born in a big hospital at Hartford, the capital of my state. When he was born his hair was as orange as like a carrot. Mom and Dad named him Danny. While Danny was being born Ada was waiting to so her mother. She was so exited until she walked in the room and saw her mother with a little child. She was so jealous that started running until she tripped and hit her nose on her mom’s metal bed.
  • Danny's Accident

    The night was calm and humid but inside the Kamenetskiy’s house it was filled with light and loudness that came from the TV which was blaring with the volume of 20. The kids were playing their old silly games while the mother was washing the dishes or whipping the floor. Ada, who was 5 at the time was teaching her little brother Danny, who was 3, how to play Indians. Ada put a big fat hairband on her head and pretended like it was a crown but Danny put it on his eyes.
  • Diabetes Walk

    When I was in fifth grade we had a couple of boys who had diabetes and we had this fundraiser. There was some cookies and cupcakes that could buy and the money would go to the diabetes kids who do not have enough money to get the technology helping diabetes. Then we could walk around the school with your friends and just get the fresh air during school. Our family friends have a son who has diabetes. He gets needles ejected into his hand.
  • Haiti

    Haiti is a small poor country, nobody even knew about it till this horrid earthquake hit them. The earthquake was so sudden, nobody even knew about it. All the news cast were talking about it. Many people donated lots of money, including I. The thought of getting your whole life ruined by an earthquake, I couldn’t bare it. I donated 30 dollars. In my school there was even a fundraiser. The earthquake hit Haiti hard and strong. People got in between houses and buildings.
  • Unifrom

    The bell rang. Kids filled the hallways with shouts and anger as they just found out that the school was going to have uniforms. “This is supposed to be a free school, not to be controlled by cloths that we hate!” Kids shouted. In the lunch line a girl was tell her friend she was going to sue the school. Eighth graders smirked at the grades lower then them as they happily did not need wear uniform because they were going to high school.
  • Bee Atack

    It the summer we got camping in Cape Cod with my friends. We were playing a game of catch with my pink ball. When it was my turn to throw I threw too hard and it landed in a bush. So I had to get it. I looked in the bush and saw the pink ball. I was about to get it when I stepped into a bee’s nest. They started stinging me and attacking me everywhere! I ran and tried to get away from them but it was useless. There was 8 of them and when they stung me they began to die. I began to cry.
  • Martian Chronicles

    My heart thumped with joy and nervousness as the curtains opened and the first scene of Martian Chronicles started. This was my first play as a 7th grader. Whispers and astonishment sprinted from side to side of the auditorium. I was shaking so hard that I did not hear my time to go on stage. Keita pulled me away and I awoke into reality. It was my turn to go one stage and I was freaking out. Boom! I was right in spotlight. All eyes looking at me.
  • Flying Adventure

    Zoom with air brushing gently over my face, I was hanging on the zip line as hard as I could, unable to move or feel anything that was happening to me. The only thing I knew was that I was soaring through the jungles about 200 feet above land in Costa Rica. The trees spread out with different shades of greens splattered on them. But below them I felt like there was an adventure, an adventure filled with life and living things.