personal develpment timeline

  • birth. emotional,physical

    i was born in Huron, SD in the early morning.
  • first steps. emtional, cognitive

    i first started to walk when i was all most 1!
  • when I went to daycare. social

    I went to daycare till I was in 1st grade!
  • when i became an aunt. emotional,

    i was 3 wheni first became an aunt!
  • my first dog. emotional,physical

    my aunt brought puppies to a baseball game in hitchcock when i was three and was giving them away, when she loaded the ones that were left i took one with out my parents knowing cause my dad didnt want one but i guess i just took one and when my aunt was driving away she started to luagh cause she saw that i had one of her puppies and my mom or dad had know clue and when my mom turned around to see what she was laughig at. she just started laughing to and we got to keep!
  • first day of school. emotional,cognitive,physical

    wheni went to kindergarden
  • when i had to get 6 layers of stiches. physical,emotional

    i was coming home from one of my friends house and i was riding a bike and i went to turn the coner and the was loose gravel and i fell off my bike and my bike landed on my i had a big hole in my knee and my friends mom heard me down the streeet and came and got me! then she called my mom and i had to go to the ER. when i was done getting my 6 layers of stiches the doctor told me i had to have 24 stiches in my knee! he also said that i was not going to be able to do much this summer!
  • when i first started to drive with out a parent. cognitive

    i was 9 years old when my dad let me drive his poickup on a highway coming home from the field!
  • 6th grade. physical,social,emotional,cognative

    when we tricked are teacher all the time!!
  • when I started playing volleyball. physical,social,emtionak,cognative

    when I started playing volleyball in the 7th grade
  • when I started playing pasketball. physical,emtional,cognative

    starting basketball!
  • last day of high school. emotional,cognitive

    when i graduate!
  • golden birthday 18 years old! emtional, physical

    my golden birthday
  • college. physical,emtional,cognitive

    i start college at nsu or watertown tech school
  • engaged. physical,emtional,cognitive,social

  • when I got my job after graduating from college. phgysical,emtional,social,cognitive

    Im a physical therapist
  • got my first home. emtional.physical,social,cognitive

    my first house on the lake!
  • married. physical,emtional,social,cognitive

    i get married!
  • first child

    first child!its a boy!
  • I have to have shoulder surgery. emtional,physical,cognitive

    my shoulder seperated had looose ligaments
  • my mom dies

    she dies in her sleep
  • I find out that my husband has cancer. emotional,soical,cognitive

    it runs in his family
  • fist grandchild. social,emtional,cognitive

    my first grand baby
  • 2 grand baby. emtional,social

  • death. emotional,cognitive

    i was on a trip to the olympics going to see my great grand child play volleyball on the USA team and one night i went out for supper with her and someone put something in my drink and when people came to find me i was laying dead in my hotel room.