PBL timeline-------education program by BHSF class 13

  • The beginning of the project

    I(Jenet Zhang) and Joyce Ginger decided to work together on the education problem.
  • Period: to

    Begin from High School

  • We decided our topic

    We determined our topic to "how students' behavior influence teachers' teaching methods."
  • Our first survey was made at 1901 cafe

    The day before we went to America, we accomplished our fitst English survey at a cafe near BHSF.
  • Get back our survey

    We totally got nearly 150 questionnaires from the high schools in Texas and Atlanta.
  • Analyse our reaserch paper

    We analysed all the paper we got and calsified them into different groups according to their answers.
  • Interview Heather Robinson

    We interviewed our PBL teacher Ms. Heather by e-mail. We asked her 7 questions and got her perfect answers.
  • Creat our timeline

    On this day we creat our first timelime on timetoast. Yeah!