PBL term 3

  • Started PBL

    Started PBL this term for creating a food product to go to the school cafeteria
  • Choosing food

    Decided to make pizzas
  • Did pricing for pizzas

    Today I put prices on my pizzas
  • Made Pizzas

    today I made my hawaiian pizzas and tryed how they tasted and also created a recipe. I also decided just to make hawaiian pizzas instead of also making chicken.
  • Brochure

    Today i started my brochure
  • Period: to


    Re did my pricing for my pizzas so its the right price
  • Powerpoint

    Today i started my powerpoint
  • Period: to


    i finished and started my powerpoint using most of my info from other info things like brochures i had made
  • Period: to


    I started and completed my packaging design that is going on top of a paper bag for presentation
  • Packaging

    Today i created my packaging to put on a brown paper bag
  • Making pizzas

    Today i made my pizzas for the second time to present on monday
  • Working out nutrition

    Worked out my nutritional information
  • presenting

    Today i presented my PBL for term 3
  • Nutrition label

    today i made my nutritional label