Past, Present, Future

Timeline created by mvoss
  • Defining moments in your childhood that changed you, shaped you into who you are today or helped you grow

    I would have to say one big memory that changed me into who i am today would most likely have to be when i found out that my mom gave me up when i was 1 years old it made me learn that people could come and go at any point in your life.
  • Describe your family members

    My dad is very caring and is hard working and he loves his family more than anything else
    My mom is very hard working and cares about everyone around her
    My sister is very annoying but she cares a lot about people
    My brother is very funny but is very annoying at the same time but he loves his family more than anything
  • What did happiness look like when i was younger

    My childhood was mostly filled with happiness and joy
  • If there was one thing i could change about my childhood it would have been

    If i could have changed one thing it probably would have been to get to know my dad better.
  • What event/person/thing made you feel loved for the first time as a child

    when i lost a close friend and i didn't feel like i had anyone to turn to anymore, but my family sat me down and told me that i would find someone who really cares about me and that i just needed to know that they love me.
  • How did your parents handle money? Did they save or spend? Did they budget? Did they argue over it?

    My mom would spend a lot of the money while my dad would try to to not spend as much and because of that would they would argue over hoe much money they had.
  • What role did morality(right & wrong) and/or religion play in your childhood and family life?

    I grew up going to church with my dad my parents would always discipline me when they really needed to. They also taught me what was right and wrong.
  • How did your parents handle conflict

    My parents usually would just talk it through because they didn't really like to argue that much.
  • Describe a time when a family greatly disappointed you and how you handled it and if you grew from the experience

    One day i was talking to my sister about something that was bugging me and instead of her talking to me she said she didn't know how to help me anymore and i didn't really grow from this because i would also go to her about everything and anything
  • Describe your most memorable accomplishment

    My most memorable accomplishment would have to be when I picked myself back after losing someone I was really closer to and I ended up changing my ways
  • Who has been the most influential person in your life during your high school career?why?how!

    My sister has been the most influential person in my life since I have been in high school because she would always tell me things would get better and that she would do anything to help me if I needed it
  • What do you spend the most money on? Describe your spending habits. Are you a saver or a spender? How do you get/earn money?

    I spend the most money on things I actually need usually when I need something that's when I would spend money. I would say I'm a saver and I get my money from babysitting.
  • What did activities/clubs/sports contribute to your personality/behavior/attitude/world view

    Volleyball made me feel like I had a family at school who helped me become a better person and taught me to never let people stress me out
  • How did you handle conflict with your peers? How do you handle conflict with your parents? What do you do!

    I handle conflict by walking away
  • What does happiness look like for you in high school?

    happiness had been a big help for me and allowing me to get what I need some and being able to talk to people
  • What event/person/thing made you feel loved for the first time

    When I cried in front of my boyfriend and he didn't just up and leave he held me and let me talk to him about something that was on my mind.
  • What are your plans for after graduation

    I plan on going to college and getting a degree in nursing or photography
  • Where do you want to live when you move out on your own? What is some criterion that you must have to make a place livable to you

    wherever I can afford at the time I plan to rent for awhile and I was a house that is in a safe neighborhood, a decent size house and a big yard
  • Do you want to get married? What age do you want to get married? What criterion must your future spouse meet?

    I want to get married when i am ready to settle down, my future spouse must be hard working and will sit down with me talk about things
  • Describe what happiness in midlife through retirement would look like for you

    Happiness for me would be being around the people I love and doing something fun and having family around