Past, Present, and Future: Allison

  • Birth

    I was born on August 26th in 1998 after my mom had been in labor for 27 hours. I was born in Egland Air Force Base in Fort Walton Beach, Florida.
  • Period: to

    Childhood-Tween Years

  • Mom

    My Mom's name is Kathie. She was 21 years old when I was born and she is now 36. My mom is extremely supportive and loving and is always there for me. She always knows what to say wether im upset or not.
  • Dad

    My real father left when I was 3 and he hasn't wanted much to do with me since then. He acts like a sperm donor instead of a father. He calls maybe once every 5-6 months but thats the only time i hear from him since his most recent marriage.
  • The Call

    When i was three years old, i used to call my real father after he left and ask him why he loved his new family more than he loved me. I still make phone calls like this 12 years later. When I was 3, my dad moved across the country to kentucky.
  • Garrett

    Garrett is my little brother and he has ADD, ADHD, and Ausbergers. He was born on April 26th, 2001: exactly 2 years and 8 months after I was born. He loves video games, you tube, and sweets/sugar.
  • Abigail

    Abby is my second youngest sister. She is 11 and my least favorite person. She and I have never got along bu she's still my sister. She loves camoflauge and popcorn.
  • Brian

    Brain is my second youngest brother and has already been through alot in his short little life. He has had to have reconstructive surgery on both of his feet. He was born without an arch in his foot and so they had to go through and create one so he has had to relearn to walk twice withing a year and a half.
  • Religion

    My dad grew up going to church 6 days a week as his father was a preacher. My father has since then become a preacher as has my uncle. When I lived at my Dad's house, the bible was forced at me and beat over my head. My mom respects and likes to learn about all religions and beliefs and doesnt worship a certain one, but all of them.
  • First Grade

    My most memorable accomplishment is getting expelled from a Christian School in the 1st grade. When I was in the first grade, my grandma had sent me a sweater when I lived in Oregon and she lived in Colorado and it was my favorite sweater. Some boy stole my sweater and kept stretching it out.. I told multiple teachers what he was doing multiple but they never did anything about it. So, I waited at the bottom of the slide and decked the kid and broke his nose. So, my mom bought me ice cream.
  • Conflict

    My mother and my current step father have always handled conflict very well. They hardly ever have large fighs because they talk things out with eachother.
  • 3rd Grade

    Hapiness as a child for me was sitting on top of the monkey bars in elementary school and singing at the top of my lungs with my friends
  • Change

    If there is one thing I could change about my childhood it would have been my dad leaving.
  • Waylon

    I grew up with a rottweiler named Waylon. He taught me how to walk, crawl, and even talk some. He let me ride him until i got too big but he was my best friend growing up. In 2006, around a month after I turned 8 and he turned 15, he passed away of natural causes. He is now buried at the base of a large oak tree in my dad's backyard. i still visit him and cry sometimes.
  • Abuse

    From the age of 8 to 10, my mother was in an abusive marriage and some of it was directed towards my brother and i but everything is okay now because I have a new step dad who is the person i look up to most.
  • Adoni

    My little sister Adoni is my youngest sister. She is 6 years old and is in first grade at Mountain View Core Knowledge. She speaks better spanish than I do, loves Minecraft and princesses.
  • Moving

    By the time I was in fourth grade, i had already lived in multiple cities, and 4 different states. My mom was an Environmental Engineer so we never stayed in one place more than a year and a half to two years.
  • Eli

    Eli is my youngest brother and the light of my life. He just turned 4 and is growing up on me so fast. He's a drug baby and my favorite person in the whole wide world. I miss him more and more every single day and can't wait until i get to see him again.
  • Step-Dad

    My step-dad's name is Matt and he is heaven sent. I love my step dad so much and he is always there for me. He is one of th ebiggest influences in my life. I am thankful everyday for him. He loves Chocolate, Video Games, Brownies, and Beer.
  • Derrick

    Derrick is my younger step brother, we are only 2 months different in age and he was born on Halloween. He and I dont get along very often. He is a freshman at Florence High School.
  • Trevor

    Trevor is one of my other younger brothers. He is 11 and already has plenty of girlfriends. He is in 5th grade at Penrose Elementary School and he is the sweetest little kid I know.
  • Step Monster (aka Leah)

    Leah is my step mom. She is the fourth of my dad's wives. She has two children and loves to clean and take care of my youngest brother Elijah
  • Steven

    Steven is the younger of my two older brothers and my favorite. He is now 20 years old and will be 21 on October 19th. I helped him rebuild his truck from the ground up after he wrecked it for the third time instead of going to my snowball dance.
  • Chris

    Chris is the oldest of my two older brothers. He is now 22 and will be 23 on May 5th. Whenever he would babysit my brother and sister, he would make me Fried spam and hot sauce sandwiches for breakfast.
  • Disappointment

    My birth father has lied to me since I was born but the biggest lie, I discovered during the summer of 2012. I discovered that my dad has been married before my mother and twice after her. I also found out that my dad cheated on my mom when they were together due to the fact that my half sister was born 5 months after my full blood brother.
  • Brittney

    Brittney is my brother Chris's wife and she is super cool! She and my brother just this last summer had a baby and her name is Audrey. Britney loves to sing in the shower and likes to eat peanut butter on her pancakes.
  • Activities

    The only clubs/activites/sports that i am a part of are Marching Band and Winterguard. I have done marching band and winterguard for the past two years and they have been some of the best experiences of my high school years. I am thinking about starting soccer this spring though.
  • Period: to

    High School Years

  • Peer Conflict/ Parent Conflict

    Peer Conflict/ Parent Conflict
    My parents and i handle conflict by sitting down and talking about it and expressing each of our views. Peers an I either sit and talk it out by ourselves or I like to pull Mr. G into it if needed.
  • Money

    Both my mom and my step dad are extreme savers/coupners. They budget and hardly ever argue over money.
  • Accomplishments.

    My most memorable accomplishment would have to be a tie between getting my action shot in the State Championships Brochure for the Rocky Mountain Color Guard Association as a freshman, and lettering in band as a freshman.
  • Love

    April 23rd, 2013 is the day I met Rowan. He is the person who made me feel loved for the first time. We started dating on March 3rd, 2013 and on February 3rd, it will be 11 months that he and i have been together. He's dealt with my ups and downs and my buttheadedness and he loves me through it all.
  • Influence

    Many people have influenced me throughout high school so far but most likely, the most influential people so far have been: Laura Buser, Hannah Smith, Kylie Brosh, Nicole Davis, Bayley Hammel, Joe Ensley, and Mr. Ensley. They helped me, supported me, and gave me the best advice they could.
  • Happiness

    Happiness for me is getting to see my boyfriend after a long week, seeing Amber Soliday's Newborn Baby, and participating in Winterguard.
  • Spending

    I am definitely a spender and not a saver. i have a really hard time saving money for things. I spend almost all fo my money on Tace Bell and other fast food. I earn money by helping my grandparents with yard work.
  • Period: to

    Life After High School-Retirement

  • Plans

    My plans for after graduation are to go to college in Hawaii to become a marine biologist/veterinarian.
  • Marriage

    I would love to get married. If Rowan and I are still together, we would like to get married when i graduate because we have the same college major and if we did then we could live in married dorms.
  • Life

    I want to live on the coast, prefferably East. I want to live on the veach, any beach. Even if it's in a double wide trailer.
  • Marriage Influences

    Marriage Influences
    I have learned that a main component in marriage or any relationship is communication. Being honest with eachother is also very vital.
  • Family

    Someday I would like to get married and have two boys first, about 2 or 3 years apart and then 2 years after the younger one is born I want to have either a daughter or twin daughters.
  • Values

    Life Lessons: Honesty, compassion, trustworthiness, work ethic, and hygeine.
    Our Parents Did: family vacation, punishment with good reason, support, and chores
    Didn't Do: bedtime stories, sports, family night, sleepovers, gingerbread houses, easter egg hunts
  • Career Goals

    Career Goals
    I see myself owning my own marine life hospoital or being the main veterinarian at a large zoo
  • Wishes

    A large house with a floor for each child
    an indoor pool
    a ton of old cars
    plenty of animals
  • Retirement

    Happiness is going to be watching my children grow up and start their own families
  • Death

    I want to die on my 128th birthday so i break the world record for oldest living woman