Parents Timeline

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    Parents Timeline

  • First Met

    My parents were out with friends and they first met on March 6 1993. My father was with his friend Pako and my mom was with my fathers old girlfrind because they were friends and their paths crossed and instantly fell in love.
  • Started Dating

    My parents started dating in October of that year. They went to concerts including Bon jovi, Aerosmith, The Rolling Stones, and many more while they were dating and into their marriage
  • Got Married

    On January 17 my parents got married in a church in Rochester. They had a huge wedding and invited everyone. They had their honeymoon in Barbados and spent a week on the beaches on the caribbean.
  • Brother Was Born

    My brother was born in Rochester just like myself. He was the first child in our family, and is 2 years older than me.
  • Me Born

    I was born.