Scoil san treasa

Our time in Scoil San Treasa

  • This is our school

    This is our school
    Anna started school in Junior infants
  • Junior infants

    Junior infants
    Her teacher was Ms Coleman. She did colouring all day!
  • Senior infants

    Senior infants
    Anna's teacher was called Ms O'Dwyer. Ms O'Dwyer liked doing maths :(
  • First class

    First class
    Anna starts 1st class. Her teacher was Ms Cunningham. She liked singing!
  • second class

    second class
    Anna started 2nd class. Her teacher was Ms Maher. She liked doing Irish
  • First Holy Communion

    First Holy Communion
    Anna made her First Holy Communion. It was a lovely day and everybody was happy!
  • 3rd class

    3rd class
    Anna started in 3rd class. Her teacher was Ms Nic Fheoris. She liked doing star charts.
  • Fourth class

    Fourth class
    Anna started fourth class. Her teachers were Ms O'Sullivan and Ms Creagan. They liked maths and Irish
  • Fifth summer tour

    Fifth summer tour
    We got a bus down to Wexford and went to Gravity. It was an AWESOME school trip!!
  • Fifth class

    Fifth class
    Anna started fifth class. Her teacher was Ms Linden. She liked doing yoga!
  • Sixth class!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sixth class!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    We started sixth class and a new girl came in, her name was Adrienne and she was from Spain!!! (THAT'S ME!!!). Our teacher is Mr Cadigan. He ADORES hurling and Irish!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Winter Wonderland

    Winter Wonderland
    We went to 7up Winter Wonderland. We froze while we waited for Ms Conroys class. We had a brilliant time!!!
  • The Young Scientist Exhibition.

    The Young Scientist Exhibition.
    We went early in the moring and got LOADS of free stuff!!
  • Mr Hogan Retires

    Mr Hogan Retires
    Mr hogan retires and it's very sad but Ms English comes!!!!!
  • Our Confirmation

    Our Confirmation
    We all had a great day but its was kind of weird seeing Mr Cadigan in a suit!!! But we all imensly enjoyed it.
  • Croke Park.

    Croke Park.
    We went to Croke Park, we had lots of fun and after knew more facts about Croke Park than Mr Cadigan!