Ortiz Family

By Jose O
  • Dads Birthday

    Dads Birthday
    My father is born in the Dominican Rebublic. He is the second oldest of 5.
  • Moms Birthday

    Moms Birthday
    My mother is born in the Dominican Republic. She is the youngest daughter and second youngest of 13.
  • The Marrigae Occurs

    The Marrigae Occurs
    Living within 5 minutes of each other the two fall in love as teens and eventually marry in the Dominican Republic.
  • My father arrives to the U.S

    My father arrives to the U.S
    My father was able to attain the proper paperwork that allowed him to travel to the United States leaving behind his wife.
  • My Oldest sisters Birthday

    My Oldest sisters Birthday
    The first child is born in Dominican Republic. We still make fun of her being an alien.
  • Family reunited

    Family reunited
    My mother and Sister arrive to the United States and settle in with my father in his apartment located in Brooklyn, NY.
  • Brooklyn

    My parents and two sisters settle in their new apartment which we lived in until 2003.
  • My second sisters Birthday

    My second sisters Birthday
    The birth of my second sister also known as the middle child. The evil child that tormented me as a child.
  • My Birthday

    My Birthday
    I was born in Brooklyn, NY. The last child and only boy.
  • Family moves to Long Island

    Family moves to Long Island
    Hardest day my sisters and I dealt with was the move to Long Island leaving our friends behind. I love Long Island now and always will!!!! However will always be a Brooklynite.
  • Nephews Born

    Nephews Born
    My first nephew is born in Queens. The family just got bigger!!!! hes turning 4 how time has past.