olivia's history

  • my sister was born

    my sister was born 12 years before i was born.
  • my brother was born

    my brother was born 6 years before i was born
  • got a dog

    the dogs named is finlay
  • i was born

    i was born at 11pm on the dot in spring
  • 1st birthday party

    i saw my whloe family when i was turning 1
  • i started talking

    my first word was dad da
  • i started crawling

    i loived crawling aarounfd the house
  • i started walking

    i loved pulling things down
  • got a dog

    we got a dog named chloe
  • went to kindy

    i loved doing the painting things
  • went to school

    i liked going to school with my friends
  • my grandpa died

    i loved drawing with my grandpa
  • a dog was born

    his name is oscar
  • my grandma died

    i loved going to visit my grandma
  • moved house

    moved into para hills
  • got a dog

    her name is angel she is a big dog
  • kate's biryhday party

    sarah, amrisha and i went on a dolphins curse for kate birthday
  • got a dog

    his named is tommy he came from queensland/ brisbane