Nourah's personal and world history

  • When I was born

    When I was born my mom and dad were so happy. I was their first child.

    The Treaty of Accession is signed in Athens admitting 10 new member states to the European Union.
  • USA!!!! and Saudi Arabia!!!!!!!!!

    US says it will pull out almost all its troops from Saudi Arabia, ending a military presence dating back to the 1991 Gulf war. Both countries stress that they will remain allies.
  • EUROPE!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Europe launches its first voyage to another planet, Mars.
  • SAUDI !!!!!!!!!!!

    Saudi Arabia hosts its first-ever human rights conference. Government announces that elections for 14 municipal councils are to be held within a year - these will be the first elections of any kind to take place since the creation of the desert kingdom in 1932.
  • POLICE!!!!!!!

    Police break up unprecedented rally in centre of Riyadh calling for political reform. More than 270 people are arrested on suspicion of having taken part in the demonstration.
  • riyadh

    Apparent suicide bomb attack on Muhaya housing compound in western Riyadh leaves several dead and scores injured.
  • My brother was born

    The day my brother was born I was so happy to finnaly have a brother and someone to play with. But when I started to grow up I was mad at him all the time but i'm still happy he's my brother. I'm the most lucky sister in the world to have him.
  • my brother turned 1 month old!!!!

    My brothers first birthday!!!!! I didn't really now what was happening because I was very young. I also didn't know that it was my brothers birthday and he didn't know.

    8.1 earthquake triggers tsunami in the Solomon Islands.
  • My sister was born

    I was even more exited about have a sister too. but I wasen't in the hospital while my baby sister was getting born. My mom and dad were at the hospital, my uncle Yasir was at the house with me and my brother. When we got there with my uncle, me and Yazan (My brother) stayed outside and my uncle left to go home then we went inside and we saw are new baby sister.
  • MY 8TH BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!

    My 8th birthday! I went to Red Robins and there were 3 people how saang happy birthday they gave me a free Ice Cream sunday and they made me stand on my chair in front of EVERYONE then they sang happy birthday to me and before that my dad got me an Ipad 2
  • MY 9TH BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!

    My 9th birhday was the worst birthday EVER!!!!! I didn't get any cake, I didn't get any presents, and all I did was sit and complain!!!!!!!!! Nobody even knew it was my birthday intill I told everyone!!!!!!!!!
  • america

    Suicide bombers kill 10 Americans and many others at housing compounds for Westerners in Riyadh hours before US Secretary of State Colin Powell flies in for a planned visit.
  • Ginger

    My hamster died because my gradfather and grandmother threw it outside in the cold and it didn't have any food to eat or anywhere warm to sleep so it died. WAAAAAAAAAAAAA WAAAAAAAAA WAAAAAAAAAAA 'cry' 'cry' 'cry'
  • Publishing!!!

    Today I'm publisheding my timeline and I want to get a CD not a DE, DS, or ES.
  • Going to be my 10th birthday

    This is going to be my 10th birthday!!!!! I can't tell you anything that happens on that day because I can't tell the future. But I should have a good birthday or I'm going to SCREAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!