Norman Conquest - Maria Hernandez

  • Period: Jan 1, 1065 to Dec 31, 1067

    Norman invasion

  • Jan 1, 1066

    Edward the Confessor dies

    But Harold Gambles makes a bid for the crown supported by all the magnets of England and William does do nothing about it .
  • Mar 1, 1066

    Preparing to war

    Tostig comes to Flanders looking aid (help) projected against harold and looking for help of the conflict .
  • May 1, 1066

    Tostig attempts to invate England .

    Harlod calls out the English levy to defend against an expected thrust from william but it never comes and harlod needs to disband .
  • Sep 20, 1066

    They defeat the assembled forces of Earls

    After sailing up the ouse with more than 10,000 men in 200 longships by defeating the forces and also having a peace .
  • Sep 25, 1066

    Harold response and surprise of the Norwegian Army

    Harold responds by scaping together a scatch force made up largely of his own housecarls and personal followers , In four days he marched 180 miles and suprised the Norweian Army
  • Sep 28, 1066

    The flight of William

    William waits for the wind to be right because there are sailing his fleet . And then they marched to hastings and begin building a castle .
  • Oct 1, 1066

    Stopping the prayer

    While in new york harold learns of william s landing , He marches back by stopping to pray at Waltham Abbey on the way .
  • Oct 14, 1066

    The position of blocking the normal invasion

    Harold takes up the position blocking the norman advance to london on senlac ridge of the battle of the army . And he intends to fight a purerly defeinsive battle , and letting the normans break themselves against it .
  • Dec 1, 1066

    The war continues until christmas

    However the state of war continues until christmas and they have a deal stuck between william and english mangates . But william is crowned king of england on christmas day in london .