N.E- French Revolution

By Noahe35
  • louis calls estates general

    Louis called this meeting to discuss the governmental problems that France was having. it was the fist one that had happend in over 100 years. It is significant because, it was the biggest event that tried to stop the revolution from happening but obviously it failed.
  • Tennis Court Oath

    The actualy oath itselft was ment to be signed by the members of the third estate. The third estate was being locked out of the signing, so the third estate met at a tennis court instead and made an oath. The signifigance of this event is that this event formed the National assembly which later had a huge role in the Revolution
  • Storming of the Bastille

    The storming was a large french mob that needed to take over the prison in the middle of Paris to take the gunpowder and weapons, they did this becasue they were nervous that Louis would order his army to attack the civilians. The signifigance of it is, its the first of many violent acts to happen in the revolution and the stroming of Bastille sparked the rest of them.
  • Decleration of Rioghts of man

    The decleration of the rights of man was a document that established rights for the french citizens. The signifigance is that it set up new rules and boundries that had been completely unheard of before the revolution
  • March to Versailles

    As people became upset with more and more taxes they became upset with the king and queens greediness. They marched to versailles in a group of thousands and demanded that the king and queen returned with them to Paris. The signifigance of this was that it marked the begenning of the revolution
  • Robespierre comes to power

    Robespierre wa elected into the committee of public safety along with twelve others giving him title of power instead of being just a influencer of the revolution. The signifigance of this is it gives him power to do things in his way, which was done by the guillitiane from anyone who stepped in his was of revolutionizing France
  • The terror

    The terror is a period of time in France after the initiation of the French revolution that was extremely violent and gruesome. The way of killing people was by the gouitaine which slaughtered thousands of people during this era. The signifagance of this is without the terror, non- revolutionists could have had there voice been heard and the revolution might not have followed through the way it had.
  • Robespierres death

    Robespierre wrote a list of people who needed to die becasue of non- revolutionary acts. As people became afraid of who would be on this list, they tried to find and kill Robespierre, but he had already tried to commit suicide, however he failed and died in the gouillatine. The signifigance is it marks the end of the revolution and massacres of thousands of people.