Nathan's Life

  • New Year's Baby

    In the small town of Petersburg, in Southeast Alaska, I was the first baby born in 1978. I was born at Petersburg Medical Center, a great hospital.
  • Worship placed on my heart

    In 1992, on my birthday, the Lord placed worship on my heart. I was at Southeast Summer Camp in Juneau, at the Methodist camp grounds and Evelyn Donaldson was leading worship. The Lord spoke to me in a big way. Before this no one had ever heard me sing or play an instrument so when I went home and told my mom and family what the Lord has spoke to me, they laughed. Admittedly, it was pretty funny, but God knew, eh.
  • Graduated High School

    “I graduated from Petersburg High School in 1997. A fellow classmate, and friend, Laurel B. and I sang, “That’s What Friends Are For” by Stevie Wonder. It was so touching and most everyone at the graduation ceremony was crying by the songs end! PHS was a great high school with amazing teachers and lots of really incredible memories.”
  • Toccoa Falls College, Music

    1998-1999 Toccoa Falls College, Music
    I went to one year of college in Toccoa Falls College in Northeast Georgia. It was a great experience. I had a great time of learning, fun, exploring, building great friendships, learning a new culture, The South, (Ha) and a ton more. I even went on a choir tour with Aaron Shust, when he was a senior. He is now a major Christian Artist who went to Tocccoa Falls College.”
  • Leading Worship and Song Writing

    Over the years I have led worship at many summer camps and youth conventions with a lot of great musicians from around the state and from our church, Wasilla Assembly of God (WAG). I have led worship for conferences around the state, and several around the country. I have also been gifted with writing songs and have been focusing on it more and more lately. I have really begun to go after that and take it more seriously.”
  • CTC Youth Ministry School

    I went to a two month School of Ministry in Anchorage that was put on by the Alaska Youth Ministrys, Pat Donaldson, and Young Warriors led by Doug Yates. It was an amazing school that mostly focused on living a radical, passionate life for Jesus. We had allot of opportunity for morning worship and trips around the state. The last few days they focused on Youth Ministry. It was a really fun time with great students from all over the state of Alaska from Villages to towns to cities.
  • Youth Pastor In Angoon

    2000-2001 Youth Pastor In Angoon
    In 2000, I went to Angoon and was the youth pastor for almost 2 years. This small village of about 700 Tlingits is on Admiralty Island in Southeast Alaska. Many people live off the land and treasure their heritage. While there my pastor was Jeff Culver. I worked with him and built amazing friendships with the people of Angoon, many that are still alive today. Whenever I go back it is an honor to be treated so well and held in high esteem.
  • NorthWind SOM 2 Years.

    From 2001 to 2003 I was part of the NorthWind School of Ministry in Wasilla, Alaska.I had many opportunities to grow in the giftings God has given me, and to become confident in His purpose for my life. I really enjoyed the passion of everyone around me and built great friendships, had great mentors, and learned not to limit God, but to allow Him to use us in any way possible. In the second year of the program, I met my wife, but didn’t tell her about my feelings until the last day of school.
  • Youth Pastor At WAG

    I was Youth Pastor at Wag full time from 2002-2008 and I volunteered one year before that. I had so many great Youth go through Nameless and we had amazing Youth Leaders. We were able to do thing on a scale that no one had ever done before in the community. Aside from putting on great conferences, we also had a community event called, Wonderland Festival. For six years we also did an event called, “Rockfest” that packed 1,200 or more people into the church for hours of music.
  • Just Married

    On December, 14 I married the most amazing woman. Our love story is testament to the love God has for us. We truly feel like it was taken straight out of a fairy tale. My beautiful wife Mindy has blessed me in so many ways; she is very passionate and is an incredible mom.
  • Kasiah is Born

    Our oldest daughter, Kasiah Trinity Lopez, is very active, and expressive. She’s creative and we really support her in her development as she grows to become a radical little woman of God.
  • Cadence is Born

    Our youngest daughter, Cadence Lopez is a cute little big-eyed girl. She is a happy little girl who loves to learn. She is such a blessing to us.
  • Full-Time Music Director, WAG

    At about the same time as my renewed focus on music began, I stepped into a new job at Wasilla Assembly of God. After a great experience of working with the youth as the Youth Pastor, I am now the Music Director. I have so many goals in mind, raising up a house of prayer, a school of worship, and a worship studio. It’s going to be a ton of fun, but first and foremost I desire to see people rise up in worship and give them the opportunity to grow and experience God's presence.
  • Creating Music and Recording

    This past January I began a renewed focus on writing and surrounding myself with music, worship, and other people that share this desire. I was right in the middle of recording my first single. Thanks to Luke Hendrickson for pouring into my life and helping propel me into what God has for me by believing in me.
  • First Single "Satisfy" Released

    July 6th the Single Satisfy was released on most major digital song distribution sites.
  • Recorded EP Album "Nathan Lopez"

    In August I went to Kansas City, Missouri to record an album. The whole thing was a big amazing adventure.
  • EP Album Released

    First EP album released entitled "Nathan Lopez"
  • Satisfy reaches #39 on US CHR Charts.

    Nathans song satisfy made it to #39 on CHR Billboard Charts for the US.
  • Period: to


  • New Songs Readying release.

    Summer of 2011 new songs getting ready to be released.
  • New baby boy to be born.