nate dawg's timeline

  • My Begining

    I was Born On the afternoon of Dec,30 1999 at Huntington Memorial Hospital.
  • My brother's birth

    Kristepher Banks was born on the morning of June 4, 2003
  • Cooking Camp

    I loved Cooking Camp
  • my first visit to Zuma beach

    My mom thought the water was so cold,also it was not cold
  • My first day at aveson (asl).

    I am at aveson now yay.
  • MY Broken Toe

    MY Broken Toe
    I broke my pinky toe
  • soccer practice

    yeah practice
  • "The Bamboo Curtain"by Lydia Emily

    "The Bamboo Curtain"by Lydia Emily
    I Attended my first art show.
  • Family game night

    My Brother and I hosted the night of fun.
  • Our first win

    the Aveson Avengers soccer team won their first game