Natalia's life

  • I was born

    I was born in arrecife- lanzarote,
    my first day in the world
  • my baptism

    My baptismb I celebrate very little and I remember nothing.My godmother her mane is Monse and my godfather his name is Victor They are very fantastic in mi baptismb I put in my water baptism head is very cold.
  • My birthday

    My birthday, I celebrated littler with my brother Fran in my grandmother`s hause we invite many people his birthday is in January and mine is in Decerber.
  • My communion

    My communion, I did in the iglesia de Sas Gines, Arrecife with my cousin Paola day 2 february of 2007 in the hotel Beatriz. Were my uncles, my cousin, my grandmother, my father and my mother.We bathe in the swimmingt - pool we ate cake were very rich.Was a very special day for my because We did very well.
  • The snow

    I were to the snow in carnival with my parents and my brother it was very cold, but I had fun because I did many thing. I skied, I palayed with the snow, I made a snowman with my parents.visit museums and I like snowballs strips at my parents and my brother.
    I did very sell.
  • Fuerteventura.

    I were to uncle´s house in Fuerteventura on the boat I had fun, the boat was very fast. I went with my bother, my mother and my father We was there three days and I did many things.
    .She had many animals for example:hens,l with my brother eggs were going to look is very funny, cows I with my uncle we went to get milk,was very rich.
  • The "reyes magos"

    The " reyes magos" is very good because he brings a lot of gifts to all children, the day before they come, they go on a float throwing candy.
    He brings them gifts on the house at night. I and my brother we got up early to open presents.Then my family go to grandmother´s hause because in her hause the "reyes magos" leave us gifts.
  • The Christmas

    The Christmas I celebrate with my family in my grandmother's house we have dinner together and then I open gifts with my brother, cousin, uncles, father, mother... We are nervous because Papa noel wine.
  • Fin de año

    In fin de año my family and I get pretty because is a special day. I celebarte in grandmother´s hause We dined late, and talked at twelve o'clock at night We going to the TV because to eat the grapes, but the stroke is very fast and I choke on grapes Then we threw firecrackers outside my grandmother's house we went to bed very late because it is a special day.
  • The Carnival.

    Carnival is a holiday that I like because I go dancing in the parade with my friends I also like the costume and is very funny. We make our costumes is very easy and Sometimes my parents and I are going to another country in carnival but i don`t like because I miss the carnival.but this year I stay in lanzarote and I'm going to disguise with my friends.