Narrative Writing

  • A Suprise

    My dad came home one day with a big smile on his face. I new something was up so I thought, trying not to act normal. Then it hit me he smelt like gas and a couple weeks ago we were looking at go-carts at TSC, he must have got a go-cart. So I asked him why he smelt like gas and it took him a while to reply. Without another word I ran outside and in the bed of my dads truck was a red go-cart.
  • A Suprise Continued

    I was so happy I jumped up and down and he came outside with the keys smiling, but before he could say anything I said I want to ride.
  • Go-Cart Accident Continued

    Mason saw it and told me so I said "lets do it again." Mason yelled "NO NO." So I definetly wanted to do it now but this time we wrecked. We got out and put in the garage and when we went up to the house my mom asked "why are you guys all scratched up?" We said "we fought in the rocks."
  • Go-Cart Accident

    Mason and I were playing around one day and decided that we were bored and wanted to drive the go-cart. So we asked my mom if we could get it out and she said "as long as you don't hit anything or wreck it because your dad will be mad." We both agreed and went to the barn to get it out. once it was out we fired it up and drove it around the yard. There was a big hill and when I went down the hill I turned sharp and lifted the side wheels off the ground.
  • Dragstrip

    After school one day my dad asked me if I wanted to go to Lucas Oil Raceway this weekend. I said "yes." So on Saturday early in the morning my dad woke me up by saying "Austin do you want to go to the dragstrip. I popped out of bed and got dressed then off to my grandmas and grandpas house we went to pick up my grandpa, my Uncle Chad, and my Uncle Scott. It was a long drive we would only stop to get gas, eat, or use the restroom.
  • Dragstrip Continued

    Once we got there it all payed off though because there were cars everywhere. You could hear top fuel dragsters fireing up from a mile away, if you were in the stands you would have smelt aclohol. For supper we had a smal snack and ate McDonalds on the way home seeing how track food was so expensive.
  • Moving On Continued

    When I got home I told my parents all about my first day of middle school.
  • Moving On

    The bus ride to school on my very first day of middl school was fun because now that ment that I got the privledge to eat food. When I first got to school I could not wait until lunch because we could get ala carte. It was not very fun in any of the classes. The only thing we did was go over the syllabus. For some odd reason the day was still fun and exciting. My cousin and I were so happy because we had a lot of classes together, but boy did that change quick.
  • Dumptruck Flip

    After my football game one day I got out of my football unifrom and came out side to find out my grandpa got in A dumptruck accident and was flown to the hospital in a samaritan. So we went to the hospital and saw him he was n't feeling very good at all and had cast on his leg with cuts and scrathes everywhere. They said when they got there that he was standing in the dumptruck which was sideways, sitting ten yards from a pond, and he didn't know it.
  • Dumptruck Flip Continued

    While he was sitting in a bed with lots of pain my sister was balling becuase she got her toe stuck in this humongus door. The nusre gave her a cloth to whipe off the blood and my mom got her a bandaid. Meanhwile my grandpa was feeling much better, but not excited about having surgery the next day. My sisters were getting hungery so we had to say our goodbyes and leave.