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Napoleon's life

By shabupa
  • birth of Napoleon

    birth of Napoleon
    Napoleon was born in 1769 in Corsica, and island in the Mediterranean, only a few months after France had annexed the island.
  • Period: to

    Life of Napoleon Bonaparte

  • Napoleon rushing up the ranks

    Napoleon rushing up the ranks
    Napoleon attains the rank of a captain in 1792.
  • Napoleon is a general

    Napoleon is a general
    In 1796 Napoleon bacame commaneder of the French armies in Italy.
  • Napoleon a hero

    Napoleon a hero
    After winning many battles against the Papal states and the Austrians, these victories gave France control of northern Italy. When Napoleon returned to France he was a hero.
  • Napoleon abandons the army

    Napoleon abandons the army
    By this time the British had defeated the French naval forces supporting Napoleon's army in Egypt. Seeing certain defeat, Napoleon abandoned his army and returned to Paris.
  • The Consulate

    The Consulate
    Also in 1799 Napoleon took part in the coup d'etat that overthrew the Directory and set up a new government, the Consulate.
  • Consul for life

    Consul for life
    In 1802, Napoleon was made consul for life. Two years later, he crowned himself Emperor Napoleon I.
  • Emperor Napoleon I

    Emperor Napoleon I
    This is the year in which Napoleon crowned himself the emperor of France.
  • Napoleon exiled

    Napoleon exiled
  • Napoleon exiled to St. Helena

    Napoleon exiled to St. Helena
  • Napoleon dies

    Napoleon dies