Napoleon timeline

  • Italian campaign

    He conquered most of northern in Italy for France and developed a taste for governing. (Green)
  • Egyptian campaign

    Was a disaster, Napoleon lost a war in Egypt and abandoned his troops and went back to France, but Napoleon told everyone he won to get praise. (Red)
  • Consulate

    Three-man governing board overthrew the weak directory (Green)
  • Banque de France

    Established Banque de France a French bank
  • Concordat 1801

    Kept the church under state control but recognized religious freedom for Catholics (green
  • Consul for life

    Napoleon had himself named consul for life (green)
  • Declared self emperor

    Napoleon gave the crown to himself taking it out of the popes hands and placing it on his own head (yellow)
  • Napoleonic code

    New codes and laws, equality of all citizens before the law, religious toleration, abolishment of feudism. (Green)
  • Battle of trafalgar

    Fight off the south west coast of Spain British admiral Horatio nelson smashed the French fleet (red)
  • Abolished Holy Roman Empire

    Created a 38 member confederation of Rhine under French protection. (Yellow)
  • Continental System

    Closed European port to British goods.
  • Resistance in Spain

    Napoleon arrested the Spanish king appointed his brother as king, Napoleon tried to undermine the Spanish Catholic Church but many Spaniards remain loyal to the former king, Many of the French tried to revolt but were killed by French forces, Spaniards eventually got a French fleet using guerrilla tactics.
  • Invasion of Russia

    Russian army defeat France by leading them to my scale and burning it down to Napoleon couldn’t find shelter, many losses from the French fleet.
  • Battle of nations at Leipzig

    Napoleon was defeated at Leipzig (red)
  • Abdication

    Napoleon was abdicated and royalist took the throne appointing Louis XVIII (green)
  • Hundred days

    Napoleon escape the Elba where he was being held to abdicate and land in France on March 1 for war
  • Waterloo

    Napoleon’s final defeat was in Belgium from British forces (red)