Napoleon bonaparte

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  • Napoleon is born.

    Napoleone is born.
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    Napoleon Bonaparte Timeline

  • Napoleon went to milatary college

    Napoleon went to milatarty college for 5 years and then he went to a milatary academy in Paris. A year later in 1786 Napoleon was a Lieuentant of an artilary unit.
  • Napoleon signs a treaty with Austria

    Napoleon in 1796 was in command of an armyand in 1797 he signed a treaty with Austria to gain land for France.
  • Napoleon leds navy into battle

    In 1798 Naploeon attacks Eygpt in a naval battle and lost. During the battle Napoleon left to gain control of France who was having a civil war.
  • Napoleon joined group to win control of France.

    In 1799 Napoleon was part of a group that was trying to over throw the Frence Dicertory. After they did Napoleon was voted first Consol.
  • U.S find out that the French have the Louisania territory.

    In 1801 the U.S found out that the French had bought the Lousiania Territory from Spain. They U.S sent James Monroe to France to discuss how the U.S wanted to buy it.
  • Selling Loisiania Purchase

    In 1803 the French finally sell the Lousiania Territoy to the Americans.The U.S paid $11,250,000 for the terriotory. The French sold it because they needed money because they were fighting in a war.
  • Back to war

    In 1803 the French returned to war with Britian, Russia and Austria again. England defened well so Napoleon moved to Austria and Russia to see if his luck would change.
  • Married

    Napoleon got married in 1810 to Joséphine de Beauharnais and she was enable to have a son so Napoleon got married again.
    the second time Napoleon got married to Marie Louise and she had a son they named him Napoleon Jr.
  • Invading Russia

    In 1812 Napoleon just failed to invade Russia ane he lost about 600,000 men in the war. Two years later Napoloen finally surrenered to Russia. After the surreneder France sent Napoleon into exile he was exiled for three years.
  • Napoleon died

    Napoleon died of cancer.
  • Napoleons Back

    Napoleon came back to power in 1815. Again Napoleonn led France into war with Britian. In the battle of Waterloo Napoleon lost. After that Napoleon was out of power again.