Nana Lesley

  • Born in queensland

    Born in Queensland
  • Moved to Western Australia with her family when see was 9

    Moved to WA
  • Married my poppy

    My nana was 22 when she married my poppy
  • Gave Birth to My Aunty

    First born child
  • Bought a farm with my poppy in Western Australia

    Bought a farm
  • Gave birth to my mum the year she bought the farm

    Second born child
  • Sold the farm

  • Divorced my poppy

    There was no real problems they just decided to keep being friends because he used to work up north and they never got to see eachother
  • Married my Grandad

    She married my grandad :)
  • First holiday with my nana to bali

    We stayed till a week after new years day :) it was really busy but i cant remember much of this holiday
  • Going to nunnup on the weekend with my grandad and nana

    Going to nunnup on the weekend to see my Aunty (First born)
  • Going to bali with my nana it will be her 28th time in bali she loves it :)

    Bali holiday