My Timeline

Timeline created by CZhang
  • My Birthday

    I was born in April 10th, 2003 in Affiliated Hospital.
  • Walking, Jumping, talking

    I can walking, jumping and talking (Cantonese), but I weren’t good at ruined.
  • Swimming Lessons

    In summer holiday, I always got sicked. And then mum get a swimming lessons for me, she said swimming is good for my heathy.
  • Period: to


    I went to the kindergarten, and I learned Mandatory in there. But I don’t want to stay in kindergarten without my parents.
  • Period: to


    I have a good memories in Shanghai with my mum and dad again.
  • Period: to


    I visited my paternal grandmother in Xian for a whole week.
  • Hong Kong

    I went to Hong Kong with a whole family (grandparents, parents and auntie). I visited Sea World, I thought I able to be a supper girl who frighted to sharks.
  • Olympic Games

    Olympic Games in Bejing
  • Primary School

    I went to the first primary school in Guangzhou, China. And I got many friends and I first time finished my homework, that felt so good.
  • Horese

    This is my first time to rided a horese with my mum. And I was very Excited. I thought I will felled down on the grass. But I didn't at last. I am luck.
  • Argument

    First time have an argument between me and my best friends. And we did no talking in a few days, however we played together again.
  • Period: to


    I start to watch some movies about spies, and I liked it.
  • Europe

    I been to England, French with my family. I have two weeks in there, and I bought a lot of clothes in shopping centre.
  • Move To Australia

    I move to Australia with my mum, because mum want to studyingg at UQ for Translation. Also she wanted me learned more English in Australia.
  • Our Lady's College

    Get some new friends, have a walk in college, learn many things in the lessons.