MystrE's 1970's

By MystrE
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    The Seventies

    The Seventies; a look at a decade of time in our recent past.
  • Junior Year Swim Team Captan

    Elected by the team I am given the title of captan for the swim team and have the responsibility of assisting the coaches in making sure all members are ready for each meet.
  • Junior Prom

    My dad won't let me use the car to go to the prom. He is so lame. Why dosen't he trust me? Oh wait, I wouldn't trust me with a brand new car either. Oh well. Need to talk to my buddies to see if we can double with them to the prom.
  • final Report cards for Junior Year

    Yikes! I actually passed Chemistry. How did that happen? Maybe the fact that I stayed after school everyday for two weeks to clean and take inventory of the chemistry supply locker, Mr. Purvin took piety on me and nuged the grade up a point.
  • Junior Yearbook

    Got my Junior yearbook today, can't believe they misspelled my name. Like how does that happen? And what a bad shot they choose of me for the track team photo. I can't help it if I get sick from running a mile right after lunch.
  • July 4th BBQ on the Beach at Seaside Park

    Wow, who would have thought we would get caught by the cops on the beach with a fire after dark. Why are the cops out at the beach anyway after dark, no one is swimming. Glad my parents were home to come and get me at the station.
  • Labor Day Blast

    Well the last blast before the start of school, what a good time. I can't believe I am going to be a senior. Wow, do you think I will graduate? What if I get drafted? Would you write to me?
  • First Day as a Senior

    Figures I would get in trouble on the first day of school as a senior. I hope this is not an omen of what this year is going to be like. And it wasn't even my fault. How was I supposed to know the pail was full of water.
  • Thanksgiving Day Game

    Hey we won! Our team finally won the Thanksgiving Day game since I have been going to school here. Wow maybe it will be good year after all.
  • Homecomming Festival

    It snowed, I froze, the ice was really slick, lots of us fell, I got hurt. Winter is not nice.
  • Christmas Break

    YEAH! I get to stay at home alone while my parents go visit our stupid relatives! Wow I would love to see my cousins faces when they find out mom & dad left me home!!! Bonus, I don't have to deal with my cousins over break!!!! I want to see how much data I can fit in this box as there seems to be a limit but when I view the box within the timeline mode there seems to be so much rom left. Does the use or non use of an image have an effect on how much information you can fit into this box of data?
  • Spring Tryouts for Baseball

    I can't believe it!! I made the team. The coach let Greco on the team, he can't do anything, he's a spazo, can't even catch a ball.
  • Armed Services Exam

    How did I manage to score the highest score on this military intelligence test??? Go figure. I do not want to go to Vietnam and so what do I do? I get the highest score on the test!
  • Graduation

    Wow I made it!! Can't believe I made it to graduation. I thought I'd never see this day.
  • Crashed my car

    Crashed my car
    AFter stopping I went through a stop sign thinkning it was a four-way stop... it wasn't! Got smashed by a car that had the right of way, got a ticket. Was the last accident I had for over 30 years.
  • Got Married

    Yes, I got married. Can't believe I did it. I always said I would never get married, shows you that you should never say never.
  • Began College at Southern CT State

    Began College at Southern CT State
    Started spring term at Southern in New Haven, majoring in Economics and Law, monor in Journalism. Have a heavy load first term of 18 credits, yikes!!
  • Vacation in California

    Vacation in California
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