Mya's Fantastics Life

By miamya1
  • Happy Birthday Mya

    Happy Birthday Mya
    The day I was born my family was happy because they knew I will be special.
  • My big sister

    My big sister
    Today I met my big sister Mia. She was very happy to meet me.
  • Halloween Day !!!

    Halloween Day !!!
    On my first Halloween i was a little princess.
  • Me and Pluto

    Me and Pluto
    On my first trip to Disney World I met Pluto a very goofy dog.
  • My first christmas

    My first christmas
    I spend my first christmas with my family at Puerto Rico. Imet my cousins and aunt for the first time.
  • My Baptism

    My Baptism
    I was baptized in Puerto Rico. My godmother is Titi Nina and my godfather is Tio Nino.
  • I can walk

    I can walk
    I walk by myself for the 1st time with my walker. I fall down a lot.
  • 1st Birthday

    1st Birthday
    My birthday was at Gymboree. I had lots of fun with my famili and friends.
  • 2 years old

    2 years old
    On my second birthday i went to Chef's Mickey restaurant with my sister, mom and dad.
  • Three happy birthdays

    Three happy birthdays
    I celebrated my third birthday with all the disney characters.
  • Universal here I come!

    Universal here I come!
    I went to Universal Studios for the first time with my sister and cousins Andy and Beto.
  • Four years old.

    Four years old.
    I had a gymnastics party with my family and friend for my fourth birthday.
  • Cinderella's Castle

    Cinderella's Castle
    On my fifth birthday i went to Sea world and got my face painted. For dinner I celebrated my birthday at Cinderella's castle and i met Cinderella, the godmother and the prince.
  • I'm a Cheerleader

    I'm a Cheerleader
    I started doing cheerleading when i was five years old at World Class Gymnastics.
  • Graduation Day

    Graduation Day
    I graduated from Fort Caroline Baptist School. Wow I made it.
  • Chets Creek

    Chets Creek
    I started Kindergarten at Chets Creek. My teacher was Miss Sasso. I love her very much.
  • Christmas in Oklahoma City

    Christmas in Oklahoma City
    I spend xmas in Oklahoma City with my Tio Nino. I played in the snow and it was awesome.
  • My sweet six birthday

    My sweet six birthday
    For my six b-day i rode a limo with my friends and celebrated at Sweet and Sassy. It was the best birthday ever.
  • M&M

    My sister and I got a beautiful puppy for our birthdays. We named him M&M for Mia and Mya.
  • Seven

    On my seventh birthday I had a party in my first grade classroom with Miss Sasso. I fot a puppy cake. It was very good.
  • My sister and I

    My sister and I
    Summer 2009 having fun with my sister. Ready for second grade.