My Year As A Freshman!!

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    My Freshman Year!

    My freshman year.
  • New Beginnings!

    New Beginnings!
    My first day of high school! My first day as a freshman!
  • Truth!

    Learned truth in Mrs. L's class!!
  • Costume Time!

    Costume Time!
    Went trick-or-treating! With a group of friends!!
  • Coming home. .

    Coming home. .
    My father came home on this day..
  • Armed and dangerous!

    Armed and dangerous!
    I learned to drive this day for the first time! In the kmart parking lot!
  • Beauty!!

    "Confidence is the width of beauty that defines your deep truth." My beauty is truth paper!
  • The Dark Arts!!

    The Dark Arts!!
    Read the whole Harry Potter series!! In a week!!!
  • Sooo far away. . .

    Sooo far away. . .
    My brother leaves for three months!!
  • Way can't we be friends!!

    Way can't we be friends!!
    Became best friends with my Kaity Porter and my Kylie King this day! I call them my Killer and Kare Bear!!!
  • And We Danced!!!

    And We Danced!!!
    I met Austin Robert Nell this day! He has made me a better person!
  • Learning Time!!

    Learning Time!!
    Learned edublog!
  • First Date!

    First Date!
    My first date! Went out to dinner!!
  • Struggles Through Life!

    Struggles Through Life!
    Learned a life lesson, life is never easy you just got to take the punches that are thrown at you! This is the day my dad left me again! I learned a life lesson this day and a truth!
  • A day to remember!

    A day to remember!
    Got my braces off and got my permit!!
  • Learning History!!

    Learning History!!
    Started my war project which teaches me the right why to look up historical facts!
  • Sing!!

    Contest for choir!!
  • Taking a step!

    Taking a step!
    Made my plans till senior year!
  • War Time!!

    War Time!!
    Turned in my Revolutionary War! Project which teaches me responsibility of completing a job in a certain amount of time!
  • Goodbye till next year!

    Goodbye till next year!
    My last choir concert of the year!
  • Letters!!

    Achieving a letter! Got a letter in choir!