My Winter Break

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  • The first day of break!

    The first day of break!
    I slept in on my first day of Winter Break. My kids went to the babysitter and my wife and I had the whole day to ourselves.
  • Christmas Eve

    Christmas Eve
    My family (my wife, Amy and kids, Stella and Ian) went to church. the service lasted about an hour. My son couldn't sit still, so I took him out to the kids's playroom. After the service, we met my mom and went across the street to Hunan House for Chinese food. Everything was great. We ordered our food, it came, and then my son, Ian, promptly threw up all over the table! Needless to say, we had to go home after that.
  • Christmas Day

    Christmas Day
    My kids woke up early in the morning. My mom spent the night with at our house so she could wake up with her grandchildren. Everyone got up and we opened presents. The kids loved their Toy Story Woody and Jessie dolls. Later, I made breakfast (Eggs Benedict, home fries, bacon, scrambled eggs, apples, oranges, pomegranate seeds) and our friend Danielle came over to join us. After breakfast, the whole family played with legos. it was a great day!
  • Last day of break!

    Last day of break!
    I spent the last day of Winter Break in meetings for school. We talked about Common Core Standards that will be in place in 2014. Fun stuff, huh?
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    Winter Break