My Weird Knd Of A Life

By madair
  • The Day I Was Born

    The Day I Was Born
    The best day of my parents life, They were together as a family for once in there life.
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    My Weird Kind Of A Life!

  • When I was beaten

    I remember this day like no other, I remember how getting punched hurt, I remember the spit from my mother's face come down on mine from her yelling and telling me all these lies.
  • Tourist Attack!!!!

    This was a tourist attack, It killed thousands of people who worked in the Twin Towers. Many lost there loved ones. The building cought on fire.
  • The Day I Cut All My Bangs Off

    This was my worst decision I have ever made!!! I got made fun of by my brother.
  • South Asia Tsunami And Earthquake....

    This scared a lot of people and it killed some too!!!
  • When I Shaved All My Eye Brows Off!!

    I Wanted my friends to remember by something for when I moved so I shaved all my eye brows off and looked so scary it wasn't even funny!
  • The Day My House Burnt Down...

    It was late at night when we just got back from the store, I smelled smoke and so did my brother, then we saw flames... we saved my dog but we lost a lot of memories there, I will never forget that day in my life.
  • Earthquake in Haiti!!!!

    This was a terrible day in our world, tousands of childern and people died!
  • The Day I Went To Trearment.

    The Day I Went To Trearment.
    A very scary day for me, my dad had told me I had a doctor appointment but instead he brought me to Four Oaks. Picture from google
  • The Day I Met My Best Friend.

    The Day I Met My Best Friend.
    This was the first day I had met Jonah. She has been someone I can to count on and when I need a shulder to cry on she is there for me. I love her as my sister and always will.
  • Japan Earthquake!!!!

    This earthquake killed many families and memories. It also broke many of hearts, people lost there families...
  • When My Uncle Killed Himself...

    This was a very tragic day for me and family and dear friends, All we could do was remember all the times that were good that we had together.