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More events important of my life

  • Day of my birth

    Day of my birth
    this is my first day of my life
  • entering my first school

    entering my first school
    this day I went to my first school the lions club and they started me there they taught me to read and write
  • Day of my baptism

    Day of my baptism
    On this day my parents baptized me and my relatives came to see me
  • Colombian Independence Day

    Colombian Independence Day
    This day was the celebration of July 20 and I could scream how proud I am to be Colombian
  • Last christmas with my dad

    Last christmas with my dad
    This was the last Christmas that I could spend with my dad
  • Celebrating carnival

    Celebrating carnival
    From this day on I started to like the carnivals of Barranquilla
  • Celebrating earth day

    Celebrating earth day
    this day I had the idea of ​​teaching that you have to take care of the earth
  • At the ENSH

    At the ENSH
    This day I was able to touch a snake with the ecological group of my school
  • Soccer Championship in Medellin

    Soccer Championship in Medellin
    I traveled to medellin to play a soccer championship with my teammates
  • my birthday

    my birthday
    I turned 12 and despite adversity I want to enjoy every day of my life