My Unextrodinary Life, YAY!

  • I am Born

    I was born in the Deleware County Memoial Hospital
  • First Day of School

    I went to Kindergarten at Our Lady Of Fatima
  • Moving Day

    I had to move from Brookwoodlane, to Old Schoolhouse dr. In Springfield
  • New school

    I went to Sabold Elementeray for 2nd grade
  • My cat Tubby

    My mom got my sister Jessica a kitten, its name was PC(Pussy Cat) but the cat got fat so we later amed it tubby
  • 10 years old

    10 years old
    When you turn 10 its a big thing
  • Big Disney trip

    I went to Disney world with my family, cousins, aunts, uncles, etc.
  • Midsdle School

    I go to E.T Richardson middle school for 6th grade
  • My dog Bailey

    I got my dog Bailey at the SPCA. My mom wanted a dog so we got one
  • Kathrine graduates

    My sister Kathrine graduates from the spingfield high school