My Uncontrolable Life

By EmLaaay
  • My Birthdate

    This is when i was born.
  • I Lose My Bestfriend

    Mason Adams passed away from a horrible accident.
  • Moved To Marville

    My family moved to Maryville in hope to have a better life
  • I Was Diagnosed With Dialated Cardiomyopathy

    I found out the diesease did not skip my generation.
  • Rushed to Children's Mercy in Ambulance

    I was very sick and my heart was having problems functioning
  • Moved Back Home To St Joseph

    I moved back home to attend school.
  • The Phone Call I Never Got

    My dad told me he would call, he never did for 2 months.
  • Check-Up

    The doctor told me my heart was getting worse and gave me less time.
  • My Dad Gave Up On Me

    i told my 'father' i didn't want him acting like a dad if he wasn't going to be one.
  • Estimated Date of Death According To Doctors

    According to doctors this is the maximum date to which i will live.